Twitch Denies Custom Offer to World of Warcraft Streamer Asmongold: How to Grow as an MMO Streamer? 

Twitch Denies Custom Offer to World of Warcraft Streamer Asmongold: How to Grow as an MMO Streamer? 


If you’re a World of Warcraft fan, you’ve probably heard of the Twitch streamer called Asmongold, who streams WOW among other popular MMOs and video games alike. Well, recently, more and more Twitch streamers have been transitioning to YouTube Gaming to stream their games for one reason or another.  


In Asmongold’s case, he attempted to negotiate a custom contract with Twitch since he brings tons of views and streaming time to the platform. He stated himself that the execs at Twitch didn’t even budge, considering the value he brings to the company. Asmongold is credit with a lot of valuable assets related to streaming and gaming in general. However, Twitch didn’t see fit to attempt keeping him on the platform. 


Whatever the reason in that specific case, it’s like that’s the same type of energy a lot of other streamers like Dr. Disrespect and TimTheTatman switched to YouTube to stream their video games. Regardless, many people still respect Twitch and hope to one day find even a quarter of the success those people have achieved.  


That being said, we wanted to help those of you in your journey to becoming a top-level streamer by sharing the best practices for growing your MMO streaming business. Crossing these t’s and dotting these i’s will ensure you will at least be on the right track when you start researching ways to improve yourself as an internet personality. 

Goals, Goals, Goals 
You always hear about the importance of setting goals, and we can assure you that advice is not an empty platitude by any means. Goals are the number one way to finding success in any venture you take hold, especially streaming. Many factors are involved in becoming a profitable MMO streamer, but they all fall under the umbrella of goal setting and time management. 


The types of goals you set should be SMART, which is short for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. Below is a short description of each of these and how you should think when setting goals for your business: 


  • Specific: Your goals should always be clear and precise. When you reflect, there shouldn’t be any room for confusion or misinterpretation. For example, a Goal like “Grow my Twitch following” should sound more like “Gain 100 Twitch followers by September 31, 2022.” 

  • Measurable: Having a goal that you can actually measure will help you better comprehend the effectiveness of your methods and maintain stability as you progress. Using numbers and metrics to track achievements will allow for targeted reflection in the future. 

  • Attainable: Obviously, you aren’t going to get a million Twitch followers in one week. Setting a goal that’s too far outside of one’s reasonable expectations is not advised. A little inflation on a goal is encouraged to promote a stronger work ethic. You know the saying: “Shoot for the moon so that you land in the clouds.” However, meeting goals will help boost morale and motivate you to keep going, so make sure you set them at a comparable rate to where you are currently. 

  • Relevant: Goals that are too far from your destination, whether they meet the SMART goal logic, don’t do much for your ultimate goal. If your goal is to lose 100 pounds, every goal you set should work toward that ultimate goal. If it doesn’t, it might not be worth your time. 

  • Timely: Any goal that you set should be based on a time-based end. That means that if your goal is to stream 100 times, you should say by when you will have accumulated those 100 streams for it to be considered a met goal. Otherwise, you can take 20 years chasing one goal. This helps add a sense of finalization to your goals, which will pressure you to work harder to get it done. 


If you are SMART when making your goals, nothing will stop you when finding success. You will have more calculated, specific goals that you can use to create new plans and reflect on your successes and failures. Of course, you won’t come out the gate swinging. Making goals is a skill, just like anything else. You will have to be patient with yourself and continue searching for the sweet spot of goal-setting in your business. 

Consistency is key 
Consistency is one of the best ways for anyone to find success in anything they are doing in their life. The more you do something, the better you get at it. The more consistent you are with your growth, the more respect and trust you gain from your followers concerning Twitch streamers. 


To grow a loyal fan base around your content, you need to stick to a consistent streaming schedule. This falls in line with setting goals, but this is a “goal” that you will publish on your social media or website for your fans to see. The more you follow this schedule you created for yourself, the more your fans will look out for you at those specific times you announce more. 


When writing up your schedule, it’s best to research the region and areas around the world that you are targeting. If you live in a more popular country like Canada or the United States, parts of your target - even though they are your fan and are of your culture - may be on what feels like the other side of the world when it comes to time zones. You will want to know what time zones you are going to go after when thinking of things like work schedules, school times, hobbies, and other things people would be doing at certain times of the day. 


Obviously, everyone won’t always be available for every stream, but the majority of your fan base should be people who are available at the times you’ve chosen to stream. Do a little bit of demographic research to pick a time, and stick to it! Even people with the worst streaming schedules have viewers because those people know when they are going to stream every day and every week. 

Provide value to your viewers 
No matter the type of person who watches your content, they are all there for a reason. They have a problem that they want you to solve. That problem is some variation of the same thing: they are bored and craving some form of entertainment. That is why they opened the Twitch app, and that is why they clicked on your name.  


After that pain point has been met, though, the value provisions shouldn’t stop there. When you see the same people popping into your chat every night, you should be looking for ways to provide value to them. Offer them chances to win gift cards and prizes. Provide tips and strategies that you might only know how to do. People either want to be entertained, educated, or social. Find a way to be unique, and offer value to the people who are providing you value by coming and watching you.  


As far as value goes, most people who watch your gaming content play the video games you are streaming. That means that you should be referring them to sites and content that could help them more than you are now. 


For example, your viewers want to learn how to earn gold in the MMO they are now playing. They are probably watching you to see what strategies you use to rank up your characters. That’s where you can come in and tell them about is a site that helps players like yourself earn extra value from the time they put into those games. Games like World of Warcraft, Runescape, and Fortnite have in-game currencies,for example, you can buy New World Coins that can be traded, earning participants IRL cash just like traditional investments and stock trading. 


They also manage account boosting and farming for players, which you don’t have the time to offer your viewers. Also, if you wanted to stream yourself using new items and gear that you don’t have the time to farm for yourself, you could use the account boosting program at yourself! Make sure that you keep that site in mind when you are looking for some extra value to give to your viewers and yourself!