What are the New Year’s Eve Traditions around the world?

What are the New Year’s Eve Traditions around the world?

Several parts of our lives have traditions attached to them depending on our culture as well as the city and country we reside in. There are traditions attached to various types of celebration including weddings, the New Year, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. The New Year’s Eve traditions are events and activities that are mostly carried out during New Year’s Eve. Continue reading to find more about New Year’s Eve and day in this article. The article will discuss what New Year’s Eve is, the Importance of New Year’s Eve Traditions, some general new year’s eve traditions as well as New Year’s Eve Traditions in some countries around the world.

What is New Year’s Eve?

The New Year’s Eve is simply the last day of a year, hence the day that comes before the first day of the New Year. Generally, New Year’s eve occurs on the 31st of December of every year.

What is the importance of New Year’s Eve?

The day is often celebrated because many people see it as a big feat to complete another year considering that every year is often filled with several events with people of all age groups, nationalities, and statuses dying every second. The day becomes more important for an individual or organization if they have achieved everything they hope to achieve before or on that, or almost everything. Many people consider it achievement enough just to see that day, knowing that their chances of crossing into the New Year after seeing the last of the year are very close to 100 percent.

What are some general New Year’s Eve traditions in the world?

There are several New Year’s Eve traditions that are common across the world. Some of such traditions include inviting a group of people for dinner or going out to celebrate. This would often include cooking food, buying food from restaurants, and/or buying beer and wine. Many people also see it as an opportunity to reach out to the less privileged. Hence, if they didn’t have time to visit an orphanage or similar places on boxing days and other days during the Christmas season, New Year’s eve will allow them to get it over with so that they don’t take the undone wish into the new year, and then probably forget about it. You might have been engaging in some or all of these traditions over the year and you want to try out a new tradition to spice things up. You can easily pick up a tradition from a different country such as one or more of the traditions discussed below. This could help you spice up your New Year’s Eve.

What are some specific New Year’s Eve Traditions in some countries?

Some New Year’s Eve traditions that you might want to imbibe and add to the traditional USA traditions to further spice up your New Year’s Eve are discussed subsequently.


One of the traditions practiced on New Year’s Eve in Russia is to burn your wishes. After the burning, you sprinkle the ashes filled with your wishes into a champagne glass. You are to drink the champagne with the ashes at the moment it clocks midnight.


You might want to consider the tradition in Ecuador as well as some parts of South and Central America is to go out at midnight and burn the effigy symbols of the year. Setting fire on the effigy implies moving to the next year and letting go of the bad aspects of the previous year you don’t like.


In line with the New Year’s Eve tradition of Greece, you could hang onions on your door on the 31st of December. The onion symbolizes rebirth and growth in Greece. You can also bake vasilopita on the day of the New Year, in which you can put a coin and share it with people close to you. It is believed that the person that sees the coin will have a good luck year.

Costa Rica

In line with the traditions of Costa Rica on New Year’s Eve, you can run, while holding a suitcase, round the block. This is done in the hope that they are going to travel in the New Year. It is believed that the higher the distance they run with the suitcase, the more distant they will travel.


In line with Spain’s New Year’s Eve traditions, you can eat 12 grapes for good luck. With each chiming of the clock at midnight, you eat a grape for every clang.


You can spice things up with the New Year’s Eve tradition in Denmark where you climb a chair a few seconds to midnight. You then jump similarly to Dane’s jump as it clocks midnight. In Denmark, it is believed that forgetting to or not carrying out the jump will result in the individual having bad luck in the New Year.


There are many New Year Eve’s traditions around the world that can we can add to what the normal tradition is in the USA to spice things up. Few of them have been discussed above as many other countries and cultures have varying interesting traditions that they carry out on New Year Eve. You could try each of these traditions for the next 7 years as you prepare to cross over into a brand new year.

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Participating in those traditions does not mean you should forget to indulge yourself by preparing meals with good recipes and also contributing to a good cause.