What is the significance of fireworks on New Year’s Eve?

What is the significance of fireworks on New Year’s Eve?

There are many ways that we celebrate various events. One of the events that most people from around the world celebrate is crossing over from a particular year to the next year. Just like every other transition between 2 days, it takes a second to transit from a year to the next. However, that second happens just once in a year and it will take at least another 31,536,000 seconds before we witness another second that crosses us into the New Year after the last second. This is why that particular second is important, people stay awake for it, and people celebrate it. One of the major ways the crossing into the New Year is celebrated across the world is with fireworks. Read on to find more about New Year’s Eve and day in this article as well as about fireworks usage on those days.

What is a firework?

A firework is a device that contains chemicals that are combustible such as gunpowder and can produce some explosions and spectacular effects when they are ignited. They are mostly used in celebrations or for display. The most common usage of fireworks in the world today is as part of a display of fireworks-based on the effects that the fireworks devices produce.

Why do we use Fireworks on New Year’s Eve?

The use of Fireworks on New Year’s Eve could be traced back to China. It was believed that fire and sound could be used to chase away evil spirits and bad luck many years ago. Hence, since the cross over into the New Year is a period when people prepare for the New Year, and surely do not want a situation where they will experience bad lucks and the torment of evil spirits, they often use fire and sound with the hope to chase away these 2 things they do not want to experience in the New Year.

With the invention of the firecrackers, which is a combination of the 2 factors: fire and noise, it because a perfect device for people to use during the Cross Overnight. In recent times, however, people no longer use fireworks in most countries to chase away evil spirits and bad luck since most people no longer believe it has such capabilities. Hence, the major reason why people still use fireworks for cross-over services or try to experience one is strictly for the aesthetics that comes from the explosions and sound as well as for fun.

How to experience Fireworks on New Year’s Eve

There are 2 major ways to experience fireworks on New Year’s Eve. You could either visit a fireworks center that is close to you or you could buy your fireworks and ignite them. It is often best to wait till like a minute to midnight or at exactly midnight when the old year expires and the New Year begins. You can now ignite your fireworks and enjoy the sight and sounds. You should, however, be careful when you are igniting the fireworks that you get a spacious place. This is to avoid a situation where you would injure someone or destroy a person’s property with the fireworks.

How to find New Year fireworks near me

There are many places across the USA that you can visit to enjoy the Fireworks display. Some of the places where you can enjoy the fireworks display on New Year’s Eve in the USA include Nashville, Tennessee; Walt Disney World, Lake Buena Visa, Florida; San Francisco; Boston; Lake Tahoe, California, and Nevada; New Orleans; Meredith, New Hampshire; Anchorage, Alaska; and Central Park, New York City among others. You can easily search the Internet or ask friends and neighbors to know the closest place to your residence where you can experience fireworks if you want to use the opportunity to go outing and socialize with other people.

Another advantage of going to witness fireworks where it is being displayed is that it is likely to be free or cheaper since you might not have to pay for transport or the transport fare will be minimal. You will also get to experience very huge fireworks.


The presence of events to mark certain events is part of the reasons why we look forward to that event. One of the major events that people look forward to anytime they think about the New Year is the display of fireworks. Hence, it is possible to go out and enjoy fireworks displays or you can buy your firework displays and ignite them.

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