Our Available Widget


The quickest way to gather opinions and instant feedback

Did you know that at BritainReviews, we have our own Widget that can be integrated into your business? The swiftest method to demonstrate to potential clients that your company is serious and trustworthy is by implementing our Widget, which displays the number of reviews your business has received and the overall rating.

If the feedback is positive, it leaves a strong impression on prospective buyers, assuring them that your business is legitimate and dependable, alleviating any fears of scams or subpar experiences.

What is a Widget?

A widget is a user interface component that can be added to a web page or desktop to provide a specific function or access to a service. In simpler terms, a Widget on BritainReviews is an API function that any business profile owner can embed on their website.

This Widget showcases crucial information from past customers' feedback; it includes the number of reviews, an aggregate score from 1 to 5 stars, and links to detailed reviews, redirecting users to the company's profile for more insights.

How does our Widget enhance customer experience?

There are numerous reasons why integrating our Widget into an E-Commerce site can boost sales, foster transparency, and improve Google rankings. Below are the primary benefits of having our Widget on your domain.

Enhanced Consumer Trust

When customers initially see positive reviews from previous purchasers, it creates a favourable first impression. They are more likely to engage in a transaction after confirming the site’s authenticity, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Design Adaptable to Most E-Commerce Platforms

The design of our Widget is versatile and easy to implement, adapting to various online business formats. We strive to be flexible and meet the needs of different companies. For any design-related queries or issues, feel free to contact us, and we will address your specific concerns.

Unlike many static competing Widgets that are not always optimally positioned, BritainReviews offers a personalised service, advising on the best placement for optimal visibility.

Transparency towards the Client

Publishing a Widget like ours signals that the business is unafraid of critique, confident in its products or services to maintain a favourable rating.

By not shying away from negative reviews or engaging with dissatisfied customers, businesses demonstrate transparency and honesty. This approach can significantly improve public opinion and enhance online visibility. Would anyone buy from a store with no return policy or contact details?

Today’s discerning customers seek assurance beyond basic information, demanding reviews that attest to the brand’s credibility.

Improved After-Sales Customer Engagement

Many businesses live in their own bubble, believing they offer quality products at unbeatable prices when the reality might be different. Staying in touch with customer feedback through our Widget helps identify areas for improvement. Are customers leaving each month? What could be introduced to retain them?

The BritainReviews Widget ensures businesses stay grounded, monitoring overall ratings. If scores drop, it might be time to innovate or re-evaluate the competition. For precise insights, visiting the company profile to read dissatisfied customer comments is invaluable.

Efficient Conflict Resolution

When encountering unsatisfied customers, businesses can address issues promptly by responding directly through the company profile or using registered customer information.

The Widget provides comprehensive data on reviews and ratings, enabling businesses to cross-check information with their records and offer efficient after-sales service if the customer experience was lacking.

Should my company have a BritainReviews Widget?

After considering the benefits, it's clear that adopting a reliable Opinion Widget like the one from BritainReviews is the sensible choice for conveying trust and transparency to customers.

For any queries related to this tool, contact us directly for assistance and clarification.