Our Business Model

BritainReviews is a free platform open to all Internet users and companies to share their opinions and experiences with other users.

More About BritainReviews Opinions

While BritainReviews monetises certain features aimed at companies to sustain our independence and transparency, these are solely for marketing and visibility purposes. Read more…

Genuine and Candid Free Reviews

At Reviews International, our goal is to provide a safe, suspicion-free environment for those weary of sites where reviews are skewed in favour of companies. How can we shop securely in such conditions?

BritainReviews is dedicated to presenting authentic experiences and reviews from trustworthy individuals who intend to inform and occasionally warn others who are set to purchase the same services and products they did. Whether the reviews are positive or negative depends on the conduct of the business. Doesn’t that sound fair?

An Equitable and Innovative Review System

We believe we’ve devised a system that blends two of the most valuable principles of today: Democracy and Meritocracy.

  • Democracy means allowing people to freely choose and express their opinions about companies, with no barriers and complete accessibility. Users, through verified comments, determine if a brand, service or product is worth investing in. Simultaneously, business owners are given the opportunity to respond to these comments and even resolve potential misunderstandings.

  • Meritocracy signifies that ultimately, it is the actions of the companies that either reward or penalise their efforts. Former customers will be the ones to judge, commend, or warn others of the practices of these businesses.

We aspire to promote this model across numerous countries and aim for expansion irrespective of cultural or linguistic boundaries. This will contribute to making the internet a safer, more honest space for online shopping and acquiring services.

Absolutely Free Service for Users

Our platform for online reviews and experiences is entirely free for all users. One of our goals is to create an impartial and united community opposing companies that exploit the ignorance of Internet users.

Our Affiliate System

BritainReviews generates revenue through the affiliation service offered to some company profiles on our system. This approach prevents the need for advertisements, allowing us to prioritise a free space for our community.

One of our missions is to foster an environment of trust, enabling our users to navigate our platform without any promotional influence from advertisements. We welcome all kinds of affiliate partners to reach out and explore collaborations aligned with our stated values.

Have More Questions?

If you wish to learn more about our objectives and commitments, please feel free to contact us. We also have a section dedicated to press and publications that may be of public interest.