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    If you like some fish in your garden pond, this might be easier said than done. The fish will need a filter, food, pump and more. But where can you get all of these supplies? One of the companies that offers pond supplies is Bradshaws Direct. But what quality aquarium supplies will they offer? Will their lighting solutions make your fish visible? Will your fish like the fish food from Bradshaws Direct? Will it take Bradshaws Direct’s delivery service long to send you your vacuum? And what can you expect from their customer service if you need them to answer a question or help you out? The only unbiased people to explain these matters are the customer that have already shopped at Bradshaws Direct before. Read their reviews for some look inside Bradshaws Direct. Their comments, ratings, opinions and real experiences can help you to learn some more about this provider of fish supplies.

    About Bradshaws Direct

    Bradshaws Direct is a company that offers fish supplies. If you have a pond full of koi fish in your garden or some tropical fish in an aquarium, you might find what you are looking for in this fish shop. In their pond section, you can fins underlay, performed waterfalls, pond kits, rubber pond liners, PVC pond liners, preformed ponds, stone covered pond liners, polytex pond liners, sealants, concrete ponds, tapes and even glue. So they offer all you need to create a perfect habitat for your fish. Of course, the pond needs to be clean. Therefore, Bradshaws Direct offers some filters such as pressurised pond filters, UVC’s, all-in-one filters, pipework, koi filters, connectors, spared, replacement pond filter foams, hoses and fittings. Their range of pumps will make sure your fish are able to breathe. You can choose between pond air pumps, waterfall pumps, high-pressure pumps, fountain pumps and everything else you need. In their fish food category, you can find stick fish food, fish feeders, growth fish food, wheatgerm winter food, fish food, pellet fish food and fish treats. This category also includes some pond treatments, pond maintenance supplies and pond accessories. For your aquarium, they provide aquarium bulbs, external filters, internal filters, fish tank ornaments, aquarium cleaning products, fish tanks etc. They also offer some supplies for the rest of your garden. Think of jugs, hose fittings, wildlife gardening, garden statues, garden sprayers, pressure washers and more. And they offer in pond lighting and garden lighting.

    An air pump provided by Bradshaws Direct.

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    Bradshaws Direct has both a customer service and delivery service at your disposal.

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    Whether you have created a complete pond with supplies from Bradshaws Direct or just use their cleaning supplies to keep your aquarium in good order, we are curious for your opinion. Do their filters really keep your pond clean? Do your fish like the aquarium food from Bradshaws Direct? How useful are their pond tools and aquarium supplies? And what kind of delivery service and customer service does the staff from Bradshaws Direct supply? Please write a review and tell us all about it.

    Will you be able to create a pond of aquarium with supplies from Bradshaw Direct? Read customer reviews about their fish tanks, fish food, filters etc

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    It was super nice !

    I love fish! that's why i always own one. and i am aware with the issues that owning fish as pet is not an ideal thing. however, when i found this one, they helped me in knowing what to do and also their equipment keep y my fish healthy

    By: Clara Joe 10-04-2019
    Would buy here again

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