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    Fashion is an expression of individual styles, personalities, preferences and disposition. There are as many fashion styles as there are individuals on the earth. Some person may prefer to be dressy and properly put-together at every point during the day, another might be more comfortable in loungewear and flip flops. There is no universal style preference, although there are generally accepted codes of dressing that are the barest minimum requirements for society. For instance, a lawyer is expected to be suited up to work, a businessman the same, while an athlete would look like a clown and be unable to perform his daily athletic tasks in a three-piece suit. Casual style is also more laidback than formal; code of dressing for functions such as parties and marriages might slightly differ from a dinner event, and so on. Nevertheless, the style of an individual can only be truly appreciated by the choices he regularly makes in his comfort cloth. Casual and sports are distinct styles, but some have been able to combine the two into a uniquely different style. The same can be said of styles like Casual Formal, which blends casual clothing like denim bottoms with official-looking shirts and blazers for a hybrid look. It is however interesting to note that the strict rules and regulations regarding dressing that was common in the yesteryears have slowly slid into insignificance. The present generation grew up in a world where you are allowed to experiment with your clothing to determine your unique combinations and making fashion style more personal than it has ever been. For instance, a common trend is innerwear as outerwear; while another trend is loungewear as casual wear. But the most understandable is sportswear as streetwear because sportswear supports all the physical activities that might be involved in an individual’s daily life. Sik Silk is a brand that claims to promote the sportswear as streetwear trend. Read unbiased opinions about Sik Silk before you decide to patronize them.

    About Sik Silk
    Sik Silk is a clothing brand that manufactures and retails sports-themed streetwear. The company is headquartered at North Yorkshire, England and was founded in 2012. Sik Silk claims to combine the sportswear and the streetwear styles in such a way that diverse audiences and numerous style preferences are represented, to create a lifestyle movement that is powered by the youth, being active, being creative and (maybe) playing sports.

    Products and Services of Sik Silk
    Sik Silk offers products like footwear, sportswear, performance collection, tracksuits, hoodies, T-Shirts, shirts denim, backpacks, headwear and shorts for men, while the women’s aisle further includes pants, leggings, dresses, barrettes, skirts and swimwear. There are the Junior versions of all these clothing items for children of different ages.

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    UK STREETWEAR MEN'S CLOTHING HAUL (Gymking, 11 Degree's, SikSilk, Good For Nothing)

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    Sik Silk is mainly active in the Online Shop category, more specifically with Fashion, Sport & Outdoor.

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