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    Are you in need of some ideas for new meals that you can put on the table? Or are you just not in the mood to do some grocery shopping? For those who have no time or are a bit lazy when it comes to preparing food but do want to eat a healthy meal every evening, there is HelloFresh. But what exactly do you get when you order a food package from HelloFresh? Will it indeed be fresh, healthy and, above all, tasty? Will the delivery service of HelloFresh send you your box in time for dinner? Will the recipes be easy to make? And what is the customer service of HelloFresh like? Read here, on BritainReviews, reviews from people who already tried HelloFresh. Their reviews, filled with their experiences, ratings, comments and opinions, can help you decide if HelloFresh sounds interesting enough to try it yourself.

    About HelloFresh
    HelloFresh is a food supplier. The name of the company already gives it away: they only deliver fresh products. If you are a member of HelloFresh, they will do some grocery shopping for you every week. These groceries will be enough for three to five complete meals and they deliver it to your home for free. They also include a recipe so you will know what to do with all those ingredients. Do you want to try it first? Then, you can order a trial box. Products used by HelloFresh only get through the screening if they are fresh and tasy and if the supplier is transparent about where the product comes from. Does the supplier treat the plants with respect? The recipes also have to conform to a couple of criteria. For example, HelloFresh prefers to use vegetables that are no longer generally known by just anyone. Think of the so-called forgotten vegetables that fit the season. In winter, you can expect parsnip (not everyone is happy with that) but also rutabaga, kohlrabi and kale. In summer, it will be meals featuring turnip tops, purslane and asparagus that can be found in the box. Because the products are bought directly from the supplier they mostly don’t contain any additional seasoning of flavouring. Even more healthy!

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    Services of HelloFresh
    To make it easier for you, the recipes are easy and only cost about thirty minutes to make. Also convenient: HelloFresh has already calculated the nutritional value so you know how many calories, carbohydrates, fats and proteins you will take. This is useful if you are on a special diet or just want to keep an eye on your nutrition. Also important: to avoid waste of food, HelloFresh donates leftover products to food bank. The carbon from the boxes will be recycled and for new boxes, they use as much recycled stuff as possible. HelloFresh also has a useful app which can contain all your recipes so you have them with you always.

    Complaints, Compliments and Tips for HelloFresh
    Questions about, for example, delivery, recipes, ingredients or payments are answered enthusiastically by the customer service department of HelloFresh. Even more so: They would love to hear what you think of their recipes.

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