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    The phone is one of the most easy ways to reach someone. Writings like emails, text messages and letters does not always come across as you intend to and sometimes there’s nothing better than to have a direct reply or just to hear the other’s voice. But in order to be able to make a phone call, you will need a mobile and a provider that gives you access to the broadband network. One of the companies that does that is Post Office Broadband. But what kind of telephone connection do they offer? And what is their customer service department like? Are the people that work there friendly and helpful? The best way to find that out is by reading customer reviews of customers that are already connected to Post Office Broadband or have been so in the past. Their reviews can help you to decide if Post Office Broadband might provide the right kind of mobile phone service for you.

    About Post Office Broadband

    Post Office Broadband, also known as Post Office Home Phone, is a company that offers landline phone connections. Their phone services include unlimited calls to UK landline numbers and free weekend calls to all UK landlines. In case you often make calls to other countries, their international saver options offers unlimited calls to Post Office’s top 40 countries and 50% off on all the calls that you make to other countries. And they provide you with free caller display so you will already know who is calling you before you decide to answer the phone (or ignore it, of course. Your choice). Because changing your phone number can be quite a hassle they provide the option to keep your own phone number. That way you won’t have to inform everyone that you have a new pjone number and won’t miss any phone calls because they dialed your old number. Besides home phone services they also offer unlimited broadband.

    Do you still recognise this old type of rotary dial phone?

    Services of Post Office Broadband

    You can get home phone by filling in some personal details on their website. If you do, Post Office Home Phone will send you a welcome pack with everything you need to get started. You can pay at once, but you can also pay your bill via cash or direct debit. And if needed, they can of course be contacted. They provide you with a phone number that you can call to.

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    Do you already call via Post Office Broadband? In that case, we from BritainReviews would like to know all about your experience. Do they offer good telephone reception, or do your calls often don’t get through? Do you often encounter technical difficulties? And what does Post Office Broadband do if you try to get them to help you out? Please let us know via a customer review. Your review can help others to find out what kind of company Post Office Broadband really is. That way they can make an informed decision to choose for Post Office Broadband or not.

    Does Post Office Broadband offer good phone reception? And good customer service? Read all about this home phone and landline provider.

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    I planned to get life insurance. The post office did the really good job. i really liked that they really understand the meaning of life insurance and how much it is important for a personal life. i really amazed that they are offering so much option in life insurance that made my life so much easier.their conditions and rules are really good, i am sure that i never had so many good options and experience here.

    By: Robin14-01-2018
    Would buy here again

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