Best countries for the summer sun and their visa requirements

Best countries for the summer sun and their visa requirements
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Summer is almost here and you are dying to soak up the sun. If you are still uncertain where to go this year, you are lucky: we have selected some of the best summer holiday destinations around the world for you. In this article you will also find info about all the visa requirements you need to take into account to prepare your trip.

Preparing well for a summer holiday requires a lot of effort. From buying your flight tickets, to choosing the best accommodation and applying for the necessary visas, the list of things to do is long. Are you going to book an all-inclusive holiday? Are you planning any activities on your destination? To help you decide about these aspects, you could consult a holiday reviews website. However, the most important thing remains to pick up a destination. Are you still in doubt about where to go this summer? Read on for an overview of the best destinations for a summer holiday and find out about the visa requirements you need to consider.


India is one of UK’s favourite travel destinations, and Rajasthan is among the best places you can visit during the summer. From July to September the Moonson season takes place, so the temperatures will be hot, but bearable. Also, the rain will make the desert landscapes green and beautiful. Tourists with a British passport can apply online for an Indian visa, which is normally granted in a couple of days. You can apply either for a double entry visa for 30 days of a multiple entry visa for 365 days.

New Zealand and Australia

If this summer you want to have a once-in-a-lifetime holiday, a trip down under is for sure the best option! Australia and New Zealand boast landscapes of amazing natural beauty, such as the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru, or the Tongariro National Park. Although during the months of June, July and August it is winter in the southern hemisphere, this is actually a great time to visit Australia and New Zealand. On the one hand, this period coincides with the longest school break in UK and on the other, airline tickets are cheaper. Besides, temperatures in these countries are always reasonably warm.

British citizens can apply for both the Australia and New Zealand electronic visas if they are travelling for tourism (or business). The Australia visa is valid for one year, and allows an unlimited number of trips to the country for a maximum period of 3 months each time. The New Zealand visa has almost the same conditions, but it is valid for 2 years instead of one.


Summer in Kenya ushers in the dry season and it is therefore a great period to visit the country. The weather will be nice and warm, and you will get the chance to witness the Great Migration in full swing. The Kenya e-visa is valid for tourism trips of a maximum of 90 days after arrival. You must provide an ID photo, a scan of your passport (including the cover) and a hotel booking confirmation.

Applying for a visa online

More and more countries are adopting the online visa system. E-visas are mainly intended for tourist or business travel and have the advantage of being cheap and easy to obtain. British citizens (among others) can easily apply for an e-visa for India, Australia, New Zealand or Kenya. After submitting an online application form and providing a series of documents (passport scan, ID photo or both, depending on the country) the visa request is sent to the immigration authorities, who will communicate their decision in a few days, sometimes only in just a few hours.

Still undecided?

If after reading our tips for travelling this summer you are still unsure about where you want to go, you should maybe reconsider the type of holiday you want to have. Are you really looking for the summer sun, or do you prefer a more cultural trip? BritainReviews offers further advice about memorable holiday destinations.

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