Tips to make your next holiday more luxurious

Tips to make your next holiday more luxurious
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If you love to travel and go away on holidays, then sometimes you might be looking for a more luxurious experience. It could be that you are heading on your honeymoon, celebrating an anniversary or just want to push the boat out for your trip. Luckily, there are a whole host of options when it comes to making your holiday that bit more luxurious. From travelling there in style to having an upgraded hotel room. Here we have put together some of the top things that can make you feel like royalty the next time you go on a getaway.

Upgrade your flight experience

If you are flying to your destination then there are many ways you can upgrade your flight experience. You could upgrade to business class or first class where you will get a much better experience, better food and more legroom. You could also even look at flying in a private jet for the ultimate in luxury. You can book this through JetApp for the best flying experience possible. A private jet will mean you have the space to yourself to truly relax and be treated like royalty.

Book a luxurious transfer from the airport to your hotel

Once you have arrived at your destination, don’t squeeze onto a hot stuffy coach or try to battle public transport. Instead, arrive in style by booking a luxurious transfer from the airport to your hotel. There is nothing better than seeing somewhere new in a limousine, sipping champagne and relaxing in plush leather seats. Other luxury transfers could include a luxury 4x4, supercar or something else. The choice is yours!

Find an airport lounge

Why not upgrade your experience right from the off? Book an airport lounge and you can enjoy a pre-flight meal and drinks in comfort. The airport is normally an average experience where you sit in a crowded bar or sub-par restaurant, but this can really transform your whole experience. There are many airport lounges that you can choose from so do your research as they all can include different things. You can have food, drinks, showers and some even have sleep pods for a relaxing nap ahead of your flight.

Splash out on your room at your hotel

If you are staying in a hotel, one of the best things you can do to upgrade your experience is to splash out on a more expensive room. Why not look into upgrading to a suite or even a penthouse? Some rooms, when upgraded, can have swim-up pools, jacuzzi baths, free minibars and so much more. Think about what means the most to you and see if this will come included. Some even include your own butler who will look after you throughout your stay.


These are just a few top ways that you can upgrade your travel experience and make it more luxurious the next time you head away. Transforming your next holiday into a luxurious escape is not just a dream but an attainable reality. Whether it's a special occasion like a honeymoon or anniversary, or simply a desire to pamper yourself, these suggestions offer a glimpse into a world of refined travel that goes beyond the ordinary.

What are some top travel experiences you add on to make a trip more luxurious? Let us know!

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