Types of Reviews

On BritainReviews, consumers have various methods at their disposal to submit a review. The most common approaches are through organic means or via invitation. Everyone is welcome to leave a review, even without a user account. These encompass the two primary types of reviews featured on our platform.

Organic Reviews from Consumers

The majority of our reviews originate from consumers who have purchased a product or utilised a service from a company and wish to express their viewpoint. These individuals voluntarily register on our platform and leave reviews without external prompting.

These reviews are penned spontaneously by consumers who have made purchases. They independently opt to share their experiences on the platform, free from any business intervention. Such reviews hold significant value due to the following reasons:

  • Voluntary: The choice to submit a review lies entirely with the consumer.
  • Uninfluenced Experience: There is no external exhortation or incentive from the company to coerce the consumer into writing a review.
  • Genuineness: Typically, these reviews are deemed highly genuine because they stem from the consumer's authentic desire to share their experience, whether favourable or unfavourable.

Reviews Through Company Invitation

Companies on BritainReviews are permitted to invite their customers to leave a review. These users are encouraged by the company to provide feedback on our platform. This practice is acceptable, provided the reviews remain fair and unbiased.

In these instances, companies actively prompt their customers to submit reviews by sending invitations. This encouragement is a direct effort by the company to collect feedback on their products or services. Such reviews exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Solicited: The company extends invitations to customers, requesting them to review their experiences.
  • Regulated: While companies may remind customers to leave a review, they must ensure the process remains impartial and does not influence the substance of the reviews.
  • Fairness and Impartiality: It is essential that solicited reviews maintain neutrality. Companies should not affect the nature of the feedback, allowing customers to provide honest and candid reviews.