What happens if a Business abuses the Report Reviews option?

Our dedicated team works tirelessly to safeguard the authenticity of genuine opinions and eliminate those that aren't. We take user and business reports and complaints very seriously.

We strive to ensure our work is as efficient as possible and do not tolerate defamation or the unjustified misuse of the reporting function.

While we aim to shield businesses from abuse, every opinion matters. Merely being negative or disagreeing with our views is not enough reason to remove an opinion from our platform.

Do companies get special treatment when reporting comments?

No, although we distinguish between reports from companies and those from individual users, each reported opinion undergoes the same filtering and evaluation process to determine if the complaint is justified, irrespective of its source.

This option is completely free and available to both users and businesses to protect against slander, false opinions, and defamation. At BritainReviews, we believe all stores and services are subject to critique from former customers. Despite potential errors or overreactions by clients, business owners always have tools at their disposal to defend themselves.

Consequences for a company abusing the reporting feature

Although companies have a tool to protect themselves from criticism, they cannot misuse it to dismiss valid opinions. When a report is made, a reminder of our reporting values and a link to additional information is always provided.

Therefore, when making a report, the user or company is fully aware of the reason. In cases of abuse, there is a clear possibility of penalties, including account suspension.

What constitutes abuse of the report function?

While each case is treated individually, certain behaviours are considered abusive towards other users who haven't broken the rules. Here are three scenarios that could lead to account deactivation for abusing anonymous reports:

Malicious Reporting

At BritainReviews, we can access a user's report history, which allows us to see the total number of complaints and to which businesses they pertain. Some companies dislike negative reviews and, rather than addressing them through dialogue, attempt to report all negative opinions without valid justification, while leaving positive reviews intact.

In clear cases where the intention is to manipulate user opinions, the account will be permanently deactivated, and the company in question will be held accountable.

Reporting strong criticism

To be explicit; if a person feels deceived by a product or service, BritainReviews believes they have every right to express their dissatisfaction and share their experience with others.

Just as there are individuals who are overly impressed by a company, it's equally fair for there to be dissatisfied people. Strong or emotional opinions alone do not justify reporting.

Reporting without justification

At BritainReviews, we value our time and that of our users. Repeatedly reporting users without a logical, fact-based justification results in penalties, including possible account suspension, either permanently or temporarily.

How should companies report correctly?

If your company has a public relations officer, we always recommend addressing the unhappy customer directly, either privately or publicly in the comments section, to resolve the issue. If you are convinced the review is malicious or false, we encourage you to report it.

Remember, you have access to a guide on how to utilise BritainReviews’ features to enhance your public image effectively.

How effective is our reporting system?

We aim to provide our users with the best guarantees. Hence, we maintain a 24-hour automated system that detects bots and eliminates suspicious behaviours like report spam, vote spam, or other unusual activities.

Additionally, at BritainReviews we have a dedicated team that meticulously handles each case to make the best possible decisions. Even if a user disagrees with a decision, they have the option to appeal if they believe an error has been made.