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    BritainReviews - Privacy & Disclaimer

    Privacy is something that we, the people behind BritainReviews, hold in high regard. Our aim is to offer an independent and reliable, trustworthy platform were customers can safely leave a review about their experiences with and ratings of a certain company. We will never share personal details with third parties unless permission had been asked and granted by the writer of the review him/herself. We want to help potential customers by presenting them with a view of a company that is as objective and independent as possible, namely a view based on reviews of the customers themselves. Safety, reliability and independence are always put first here at BritainReviews.


    Reviews and reactions on reviews on BritainReviews always represent the opinion and/or experience of the person who posted the review or response, never the review or opinion of BritainReviews. BritainReviews is not responsible for any incorrect or unclear aspects in reviews or responses. If necessary, we do remove personal names and curses or swearwords from reviews and responses (we do leave a remark) to guarantee that safety that we value.


    Do you have any experience with a company? In that case we ask you, especially in case of a negative experience, to sustain this experience with the best foundation that you can manage. With facts, little bits of knowledge that you can only know when you have really been in contact with this company. In case of doubt we will try to contact the writer of the review and ask you to sustain your argument with pieces of evidence. Examples of this evidence are email conversations or a bill.


    We prevent people from posting unfounded reviews on this website. Everyone who wants to post a message is asked to give as much details as possible. The more details, the more probable the validity of your review becomes and how more likely it becomes that we keep your review on our website. If you have posted a negative review, you can be contacted via email. Messages that come as a bundle from the same IP address will be removed. If more than one review has been written (by one or more companies) without a good foundation these reviews will be removed. Calls for action are removed unless the call contains contact information. Threats will be removed and contact information and domain names (ULS) will be censored.