Following those Valentine’s Day nails

Following those Valentine’s Day nails

One of the best parts about celebrating special days or occasions is that one can include the theme in all aspects of their life, clothes or decor for that month or week. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, bright colours of red and pink, heart symbols, and love are on everyone's mind. However, do not let the theme end with the obvious; incorporate it onto your nails and have some Valentine’s Day nails this month. If you are unsure where to go or what to do, look at reviews on BritainReviews to familiarise yourself with the different products, nail salons and nail artists to help make your decision that much easier.

The three different types of nail painting to consider:

Before deciding on the colour and shape of the nail art design, choosing a style of nail painting or polish for your Valentine’s nails is important. The three most common ones are general nail polish, gel polish and acrylic nails.

1. Using normal nail polish and varnish on nails.

General nail polish or varnish was the most common nail polish until 2010. It is a lacquer from China and contains ingredients like beeswax, gum Arabic and vegetable dyes. The biggest challenge is that this nail polish takes a long time to dry and only lasts for a short time.

2. Using gel polish on one’s nails

Gel nail polish is currently the most popular form of nail painting. It is typically a harder gel applied to the nails and set with UV or LED lights. Some advantages include the fact that It dries instantly, the polish stays on nails longer, and it is safer for one's natural nail beds.

3. Having acrylic nails

Acrylic nails use a powder dipped in a solvent, and it helps lengthen the nail and provide an extra strong top layer. In addition, acrylic nails do not need to cure under UV or LED lighting; they are cured by air. The biggest downfall with acrylic nails is they can chip easily and damage one natural nail bed.

More about nails

Once you have decided how you want your nails painted, you can consider other aspects, such as the shape of your nails, the colour you want on them and the nail art design.

The different nail shapes

As times are changing, more and more nail shapes are surfacing. The typical rounded and squared is still popular. However, one can also choose from the oval, coffin, stiletto, squoval or almond. Imagine you pass someone with pink Valentine’s Day coffin nails; you will automatically think about Valentine’s Day.

Nail polish colours

Many different colour varnishes are available; however, if you want to incorporate the Valentine's Day theme, choosing red Valentine’s Day nails is a must. Moreover, Pink Valentine’s Day nails or even that touch of white will make one think of the month of love. Lilac is trending as a popular colour for this Valentine’s Day, so it will be a good colour to incorporate if you want to keep up with trends.

Nail art design

Should you have your nails done at a salon, the nail artist may be able to create Valentine's Day symbols such as hearts, roses or lips on your nails. However, if you are doing it independently, consider purchasing some nail art tools from online gift shops and watching tutorials to create your Valentine’s nail designs. Remember that simple Valentine’s Day nails can make just as much of a statement as busy ones with intricate designs.

Gifts for her

When choosing Valentine’s Day gifts for her, consider pairing a nail salon visit with some Valentine’s Day flowers. Alternatively, purchasing nail art tools and different nail varnish colours will allow you to make up a nail-themed hamper for Valentine’s Day. Products for body care, other cosmetics, skincare and haircare products will be a winner to surprise her with and can be found at Stylevana. However, some online retailers like Give Me Cosmetics specialise more in hair and skin care products, where you’ll find a few alternatives best suited to your skin type. Alternatively, you can also find a personalised gift from My Picture, such as a printed canvas, a mug, or a printed blanket to gift your special lady.

So what are you waiting for? Book that nail appointment for yourself or your partner and spread even more love this Valentine’s Day by painting your nails according to the theme of love!

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