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    We want to keep you updated on all companies and the services, quality and prices that they offer. To make what you are looking for easily accessible, we have divided them into categories. Some companies, though, are so unique that they cannot simply be put in one category. For these companies you have this General category, in which we display these businesses and their reviews. Some information that may be featured in these reviews is advice on companies that give away free items, or offer bargains, discounts, special offers and/or sale items. To find out if it really is recommendable to do business with a company, we like to refer to the opinions and experiences that are posted by you and your fellow customers. This category is also the place where you find charity organisations, for they too deserve to be reviewed and rated. Do they make good use of your money? Are the causes that are supposed to benefit actually helped? Read all opinions here, at BritainReviews!