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    Education began centuries before now, and it is not exactly sure when, or where, but the first or early form of education was believed to have been organised in temples long before the birth of great academic excellence in the likes of Albert Einstein, Plato, Socrates, Archimedes, and more. Though the likes of them are regarded as the fathers of education, it is believed that education began long before them. However, it is also just to say that the world is where it is educationally today majorly because of these men. Over time, the quest for education is what has resulted in the developed world we live in today. "Knowledge is power" - this is a very popular term which has pushed a lot of people to excellence over the years, and while that is totally true, a study has shown that students in recent times do not care about such quotes anymore as they have now become more negligent to education. Schools had resulted in exams at almost every level to test the capability of their students and pupils, furthermore, to gain entry into several universities in the world requires countless hours of study both online and offline. Online learning and studies are one of the fastest rising uses of technology as over 80% of people who make use of online reading and learning resources fall into the schooling class of 15 - 40 years of age who are still very much active technologically. Due to this reason, several companies or institutions have been created where people can go online, take quizzes, and learn ahead of an upcoming exam. Testbookis an online educational brand that creates a learning environment for its users through different means. You should read honest customer reviews of Testbook here to learn more about them.

    About Testbook
    Testbook is an online Indian educational organisation where people register and get provided with several educational services. The firm, however, asserts its “aim is to breach the gap between students and their books, giving them a better residing and learning habit, as well as improving their knowledge through several tests, exams, live classes and more conducted on the websites by the tutors”. Testbook is on a mission to change the process of how students prepare for several competitive exams. With over a million registered students, 7 million tests attempted, and 4 billion questions attempted in total, Testbook boasts to have grown to become one of the leaders in this niche.

    Products and services of Testbook
    Testbook offers its users the chance to attend several live classes where they learn new educational topics, they also offer several courses, and test series, alongside practice and learning centres. Testbook offers a blog service where users and visitors can read written educational articles. At Testbook, users are given the chance to refer people and earn when they sign up, they also have a tutor recruitment programme where qualified persons can apply.

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    Are you a Testbook user? Have you taken their exams or tests before? If yes, how do you rate the experience? We would like to hear your take. Have you ever referred someone? Was the process easy? Is their platform user friendly? Is Testbook worth suggesting to your friends and colleagues? If you have any other suggestions or comments, we would appreciate it if you drop your feedback here.

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    Testbook is mainly active in the General category, more specifically with Education.

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