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Gastric Sleeve
I'm Deborah from london, I contacted the The Heath Store Turkey early June 2023 for a gastric sle...Read on

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    Gastric Sleeve

    I'm Deborah from london, I contacted the The Heath Store Turkey early June 2023 for a gastric sleeve, I paid the deposit of £1,118.00 required through bank transfer to a UK business account (big mistake).

    6 days before surgery i was randomly placed into a group chat with 4 individuals from THST including the CEO Nihal. I was told my operation which was booked for 11th had changed, i was told on 5th that they are no longer working with the surgeon who carries out all Bariatric Operation's the surgeon who they had worked with for the last 3-4 years, the surgeon in all their Bariatric videos (turkish man black hair in a ponytail seen prior to August 2023) i was told I will be operated at a different hospital by a different surgeon who will need to be supervised by another surgeon.

    If this was you tell me what would you do?

    I immediately requested a refund to which to date they have refused to give back to me.
    They advised the surgeon which they worked with basically went rogue.

    I have proof of all my WhatsApp messages with THST and there disgusting unprofessional bullying behaviour.

    My advice will be if you choose to continue with this corrupt company to pay with a credit card that way you can file for a Section 75 when they mess you around like they did to me or contact and go to the surgeon direct.

    I have reported this company to Trading Standards UK since the company I transfer the money to was UK based.

    I hope this review or trading standards will make THST give me back my money, I came to you at a vulnerable time in my life where all other attempts had failed or reverted.

    To anyone potentially looking for services with this company message me direct I will show you all my messages with them before you give them your hard earnt money.

    Please please be careful.

    To THST i will continue to write reviews and tell any and everyone who will listen how horrible and money hungry you truly are.

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