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    Losing weight is always a challenge. Are you someone that suffers from the so called yo-yo effect? Do you think that losing weight can only be done by hard work (and running!) or do you prefer supplements and dietary pills? Or is it a combination of both? For the people who desire a flat stomach, or do not seem able to lose weight, we made an overview of all the pills, protein shakes, diets, sport exercises and other means to help you. 

    And also, how good a sports club or fitness club is? Do you have to subscribe for a whole year? Or is the fitness equipment more often broken than not? What are the lessons that are possible and do these fit the schedule?

    Read here what does and does not work for other people that want(ed) to lose weight. Many people went before you and shared their success stories (or failures) with you on BritainReviews! Read experiences, opinions and complains or add your own.

    Diet & Health Reviews & Experiences

    If you are not satisfied with your weight or build, this is bothersome. Carrying around extra weight is not only bad for your body, it can also cause several emotional problems. Are you constantly dissatisfied with your body and constantly tough on yourself when it concerns your body and weight, then there is a big chance that this makes you very unhappy. Do you want to prevent that? Then it is important to do something about those extra pounds. Battling your overweight does not only makes your healthier and more fit, but also happier.

    Different ways to lose weight
    Who wants to lose weight, can choose from different methods to get rid of those extra pounds. For instance, you can adjust your eating pattern by eating more healthy and leave unhealthy foods and drinks alone. But it’s also possible to use a diet book, start a diet or go to the sport centre more often. The best way of losing weight is to combine these different methods. This means that you eat more healthy, follow a diet and go to the fitness centre more often to exercise.

    One thing that’s for sure is that you have to carry on with your diet for as long as possible for it to have success. If you stop eating healthy because you just can’t or won’t eat healthy any more, or don’t feel like exercising any more, than chances are that you eventually end up in the same position as before your process.

    Difficulties with losing weight? Chose the right method.
    The success of your process of losing weight is determined greatly by the method you use to get rid of the extra pounds. Maybe you eat food that seems healthy but is not all that healthy after all. Maybe you follow a diet that doesn’t help or go to a sport centre that doesn’t have the right equipment to really lose weight. In those cases, there is only a small chance of seeing any change on the scales. If you eat the right sort of food, use the right diet and/or go to the right fitness school, you’ll see progress a whole lot faster and easier.

    But how do you know which food and nutrients are the right ones, which diet you should or shouldn’t follow or which sport centres have good equipment? The best of finding this out is by using the experiences of other customers. By reading experiences by other customers, you’ll find out exactly what you have to do to lose weight quickly and easily. Because on our website we bundled experiences, opinions, experiences and complaints from customers, you’ll easily find the most useful reviews.

    To make the many reviews, experiences and complains more accessible, we subdivided companies and services that offer help with losing weight into several categories. The categories that you can see on this website are food and recipes, healthy and fit, success stories, diet books, losing weight cheap, losing weight and dietm food supplements, vitamins, diets and shakes, diet pills, and sport centres and fitness schools.