Dating Apps: A quick way to find your match

Dating Apps: A quick way to find your match


When the dating sites got the boom, so did the dating apps. According to a survey on Comscore, 7.6 million people visited a dating app or site in 2019, which makes around 1 in every 6 individual internet users. The statistics today are far greater than in 2019. In the UK on average, people are spending more than 191 minutes out of their busy day. Dating apps have made dating more convenient than ever before. Dating apps are here to stay, with new features added to make them more user-friendly. 

Dating apps and their popularity

We've extensively talked about dating sites in one of our other dating articles. Here we noticed a negative theme of usability and negative feedback about paid dating sites. These are two things that dating apps excell in. First of all dating apps are way more user-friendly. 

Portability and time saving

Dating apps are in our smartphones instead of computers or laptops, so they are portable and can be used anywhere. Whether you are on a bus or waiting for your appointment, users can utilize the time to find their match. 

And then there's free dating apps

There are a lot of different free dating apps that people can use. Some are specific for young people trying to find a person to hook up with, and other are for specific niches en preferences. Dating apps are better than dating sites like and Parship due to variety of other reasons. The reasons include:

Showing mutual friends

If you like a profile and find that person has mutual friends with you, it increases trust and helps in initiating the talk. It facilitates filtering out the fake profiles, and you know the other person exists in real life. This feature is certainly not present on dating sites like OkCupid or UrbanSocial

Receive messages from people you liked back

Most people do not like to get messages from people with whom they do not want to connect. The messaging on apps are initiated when you like the person too. So, it eases out in finding a person of common interests. 

Quick date

If you want to date in your location, you can do that with dating apps. Some dating apps use geo tracking that tells if you two intersected in any street. So, for a quick date, it is a big yes to dating apps. 

Specific datings apps

Some dating apps are especially useful for certain segments of people, such as gay or lesbian people. There are specific gay dating apps that are used to find likeminded people. The same principle goes for other segments and preferences. 

Best dating apps to use

Now, which dating app to use? Here is a list of the top 3 best dating apps.


Badoo, a social networking site is for singles looking for soul mates, to share an interest and chat. It has more than 400 million members worldwide and available in 47 different languages. The users on Badoo come from all age groups. Furthermore, during sign up, you have to verify your identity by uploading a photo. The verification process controls fake profiles development. Swapping right or left, messaging and video chatting with other members is free on Badoo. 


It has more than ten million members worldwide, and the network is continuously growing. Tinder app is a king of dating apps, and responsible for the revolution with its swiping game. It is more popular among singles in their 20s. Also, the app is free for subscription and offers premium packages with more features. It gives liberty to the user to decide their intention of dating. Whether you are looking for a casual date, relationship or hookup, Tinder provides an opportunity to everyone. 


Bumble is one of those free dating apps designed to empower women. If you are a woman and get frustrated by seeing random messages from men, the app is for you. It also works on swiping games. If you both swapped, the woman has 24 hours to start the conversation, after which the match expires. So, women are the main drivers of the Bumble app. 

In a nutshell, with shorter profiles and ease of finding your potential match, dating apps have gained popularity among people. So if you are single and find it hard to meet new people in person, dating apps are the best option for you, followed by online dating sites.

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