Free Dating Sites: The Dream Of Every Individual

Free Dating Sites: The Dream Of Every Individual


Seven million people in the UK use dating sites. Dating sites allow people to make a casual, serious or long-term relationship with a person of their compatibility. These sites have different matching algorithms that match people of mutual interest and liking. Not all dating sites have the same revenue models. Websites that use a freemium revenue model provide free registration but offer paid premium services that give more features than basic members. 

There are free dating sites that allow matching and messaging to their users. The dating sites with free messaging includes OkCupid, Happn, Plenty of Fish (POF) and Bumble. These are some of the best free dating sites out there. 

When should you choose a free dating site?

Although love should not come with money, in the tech world, everything comes with a price. If you want to use multiple dating sites simultaneously, then paid dating sites will become an expensive option. You should choose free dating sites that offer free messaging or a longer trial period. 

If you are unsure which one will meet your requirement, you can take help from  reviews about dating sites on BritainReviews. The reviews provide real experiences of people, good or bad, whether the website met their expectations or not. 

Niche-specific free dating sites

Niche-specific free dating sites target certain demographic groups or people belonging to a distinctive religion, taste or sexual orientation. These sites have a huge share of the overall dating sites market. Many people have found these sites to be more beneficial in finding their match. 

There are niche-specific dating sites that help people suffering from long-term conditions such as Herpes, HIV and Hepatitis. Mostly, healthy people refrain from dating infected people to avoid contracting it from them. At least with these sites, people do not need to hide their medical condition to find a partner. They can find individuals who will not judge them based on their disease condition. One example of such a completely free dating site is

It has more than 2 million registered members with 60,000 members living in the UK, increasing your chances to find your match. In, you can narrow your search by gender, sexuality, interests, relationship desires and diagnosis. Furthermore, to cope up with stress and anxiety in managing your condition, resources are available in the form of articles, blogs and news on their site. 

How do free dating sites generate revenue?

Free online dating sites in the UK make money through advertisements and affiliations. The advertisements relevant to the site are displayed through Google ads. Also, owners of the site develop affiliations with companies to place their product on their site. But, the websites get offers once these sites have many subscriptions and gain popularity over the internet. 

Are free dating sites better than paid sites?

To use a totally free dating site or paid one is a difficult choice. Both choices are popular among people. POF, although free may not be a good choice for you. Similarly, eHarmony, an expensive paid site might not be suitable too. So, the choice depends on your preferences for the relationship that you want to develop.  

Overall, people have a serious attitude towards dating. But, free dating sites have issues like inappropriate profile pictures and aggressive messaging and fake profiles. It is due to poor site policies to control fake profiles. But in terms of value, free dating sites are better.  

Conclusively, free dating sites are valuable for people looking for relationships, support and love without spending money. Scams are everywhere. You need to be cautious regarding your personal information to avoid any trouble in online dating. 

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