Which dating site to use? Look for reviews!

Which dating site to use? Look for reviews!


Dating sites have become popular platforms to find a romantic partner. Whenever you are in a relationship, the first question to come across is, “how did you guys meet?” For most people, the answer is an online dating site or dating app. 

Evolution of dating sites

The concept of online dating dates back to the 60s. In 1965, few Harvard students conceptualized arranging a meeting of people that match each other’s ideal. It was known as Operation March. The client filled out 75 questions about their personalities and 75 questions about their ideal date qualities.  The paper was sent to Harvard with a small fee and returned with contact information about their top six matches. 

From that time onwards, web dating gradually developed, and the first dating site Match.com was registered in 1995. Dating sites gained respect, and major names like Yahoo added a dating feature. 

Dawn of dating websites

As more people gained access to the internet, many dating websites came into existence, increasing the chances to find a perfect date for individuals. These websites have made their place with advanced features such as augmented reality and voice capability. 

With these websites, you can avoid awkward meetings, especially when you are an introverted person. Many websites have a registration requirement and a small fee to find your match. But, not all websites provide real profiles. 

Use of reviews in finding a credible dating site

To find a dating site with honest people profiles is not easy. Many young women have reported harassments, and dating sites fail to screen sex offenders and fraudsters, causing the loss of millions of dollar each year. 

Reviews about the dating sites can help you decide which deliver up to promises and their success stories provide real experiences of people. This information will allow you to filter the most suitable online dating sites for you. You can read opinions, experiences and reviews about various dating sites on BritainReviews. 

Importance of safety on dating sites

With the advent of smartphone technology, online dating has become more convenient and effortless. Mostly, dating sites use personality tests to match people’s profiles based on compatibility and their locations. But, there are many risks involved while using them. Therefore, it is imperative to use these platforms safely. 

How to safely use online dating sites?

Though you do not have control over how others react on these sites, you can protect yourself. Here are a few guidelines for you to safely use online dating sites. 

Avoid giving personal details

When you develop your dating profile, avoid providing your contact number, residence address, job address, and social media account details. If you meet someone who later turns out to be weird, you can be assured that person will not be able to reach you anywhere else. 

To add another layer of protection, keep your social media profiles limited to friends instead of friends of friends. 

Use a unique profile picture

If you use the same profile picture on a dating site and your social media accounts, then anyone can find you using reverse image search with google. Try to build your dating profile with a crisp and unique picture that truly defines you and your personality. Avoid filters that can mislead others. 

Limit yourself to site only

If you have found your potential match, then it is better to use the site for messaging. In case everything does not go well, you can find someone else without any harm. Also, few dating platforms do not allow sharing of photos and links, so you will be safe from cyberbullying.

Use a google phone number

After talking with your ideal for quite sometimes on dating sites, you may wish to take things a little ahead. When you find your match with your mental compatibility, the curiosity increases to know that person further. You should prefer using a google phone number. You can log in to Google Voice, select the area code and available number. Then, a few instructions appear during the setup, which is very simple to follow. When you get your phone number, forward it to your cell phone. 

Why do we use dating sites?

Many people view dating sites in a favourable light and feel no harm in using them. Few believe that switching to dating sites is beneficial for gaining satisfaction in life. It is evident from the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs that a person requires to fulfil his physiological needs, safety needs, love and belonging needs, self-esteem needs and self-actualization to live a contentful life. So, people use dating sites to satisfy their belonging needs, which are paramount in attaining higher levels in the hierarchy. 

Is online dating stressful?

Online dating can become stressful if you do not know how to enjoy it. The underlying cause lies within us. Not everyone likes to open up to new people and suffer from social anxiety issues from time to time. If online dating becomes stressful, then it is a red flag that a person is not right for you. There are ways out to enjoy online dating and keep the stress to a minimum. 

Strategies for success with online dating

Reduce your expectations

The expectations to get the most out of your ideal partner creates a havoc relationship. According to relationship coach Rosalind Saddaca, a person with a shoulder rule enters into a stressful relationship. If you date a person and expect that individual to remember everything related to you, it becomes difficult to sustain a healthy relationship. So, you should reduce your expectations and let things unfold naturally at their own pace. 

Relieve yourself from fear of the unknown

The past experiences from the relationships often surface while you date someone new. You may be jostled with a fear of getting hurt again. But, scenarios change, and so does your relationship experiences. Therefore, you should relieve yourself from unwanted distress and make your date comfortable with your presence. 


As you date many people for finding your compatible partner, you may experience high and lows in the relationship. To deal with constant up and downs, make open-mindedness your friend, and negate any negative thoughts that may disturb your mental and emotional equilibrium

Free dating sites in the UK

It is frustrating to know that dating sites' homepage plastered with 100% free membership are not free in reality. After signup, basic users have access to limited features only. You are required to upgrade your membership to chat with more people on a single day. To ease finding the right dating site for you, here is a list of free dating sites in the UK.

• OkCupid

• LoveThingUK 

• Plenty Of Fish (POF)

• FreeDating.co.uk

• FreeandSingle

Though free dating sites are attractive, you need to be careful while using them. Click here to know more about free dating sites in the UK.

Best dating sites

There are more than 1,400 sites in the UK that cater to various age groups and background people. But, which dating sites meet your requirements? Mostly, free dating sites are clustered with tons of advertisements and fake profiles. You have to be cautious while using these platforms.

Some dating sites charge a small fee for providing a scam-free environment to their users. Also, the profiles are checked to make sure they belong to real people. So, why not pay a small amount and avoid being catfished?

The dating sites are designed for different people such as bisexual women, career-oriented professionals, open-minded singles and many more. So which one to choose? You can read reviews to compare dating sites regarding their effectiveness and customer service to decide which one will work best for you.

Here is the list of the best dating sites available in the UK.

• VictoriaMilan 

• Eharmony 

• EliteSingles 

• SilverSingles

• BiCupid 

• BeautifulPeople.com

• Parship 

• OriginalDating 

• MillionnaireMatch

• Sportdate

Gain further insights to decide what is the best dating site for you. 

Dating apps

Recently, dating apps have gained popularity due to ease of use and some having a video calling function. It is easy to start the conversation, and you can limit people by displaying your interest. Here are a few well-known dating apps that you must give a try. 

• Tinder

• Lumen 

• OkCupid 


• Hinge 

• Happn 

• Badoo 

• Bumble 

• AsianSingleSolution

• InnerCircle

Need more information about dating apps? Have a look. 

In a nutshell, with the convenience of meeting like-minded people across dating sites, paying a small amount does not matter at all. The benefit of using these platforms depends on how you use them. It can be stressful, but you can make it a fun activity. Use reviews to compare dating sites and find your perfect fit. So, if you find your ideal through an online dating site, do not hesitate to share your story. It is possible that others also have a similar beginning.

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