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    Once you bought your plane tickets, you think that your seat is secured and you will fly to your destination for certain. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. AirHelp wants to help you when something happens that makes you miss your plane. But what will this company really be able to do for you when your flight gets delayed? Will they help you to check whether you are entitled to compensation when your flight is overbooked? How easy will it be to check whether you are entitled to compensation or not? And what kind of customer service will this company provide when you need their help to sort some things out? Only travellers who already checked their flight via AirHelp can tell you more about this. Read their reviews to get an understanding of what AirHelp truly offers. Their experiences, opinions, comments and ratings can help you to decide if AirHelp might help you to get compensation.

    About AirHelp

    AirHelp is a service company that offers flight compensation or at least help you out with the technicalities. Via their website, you can check if you are entitled to compensation. You might be entitled to compensation when your flight was delayed or cancelled. AirHelp believes that just because flight delays happen that doesn’t mean that you have to accept them. The same goes for flights that are cancelled. Maybe you were perfectly on time for your flight and was already looking forward to arriving at your holiday destination when the flight was cancelled. You already booked a hotel and how you have to take a later flight or cannot go on holiday at all. You might lose days of holiday fun that you did pay for. And sometimes airline companies are not honest about the number of tickets they sell. That is because they know that some people cancel their trip at the last minute or just don’t show up. They want all of their seats to be occupied and therefore sell more tickets than there are seats. That means you might be overbooked. In that case, too AirHelp can help you to get compensation for lost holiday time.

    Some reasons to know your air passenger rights?

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    On AirHelp’s website, you can enter your flight number, the final destination and the airport you depart from. Then, they will show you if you are entitled to compensation. There is also an AirHelp customer service department that you can call when you need some assistance.

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    Have you ever checked your flight via AirHelp? Then, we would love to hear more about your personal experience with this website. Was it easy to check your flight? Were you entitled to compensation or was the website not clear about that? Was it really as risk-free and hassle-free as they promise? Did they indeed help you to make your claim? How long did it take for them to send you your money? And what kind of customer service did AirHelp provide when you asked for help? Write your own AirHelp review and tell us what your impression of this flight delay website is,

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    Just keep their contact and website details saved in mobile for flight issues ,like timely refund, compensations etc.
    AirHelp really helped me many times ,very first in London itself , Sydney, Lahore, Kathmandu..
    But their charges are matter,rest leave to them

    By: John 25-03-2019
    Would buy here again

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