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    Music deserves to be heard through the best audio equipment. But where can you find a Hifi speaker or radio that helps you to enjoy your favourite music to the fullest? One shop that offers audio equipment is Auna. But what kind of quality microphones will they sell? What kind of sound will their radios and speakers produce? Will their Hifi Speakers give you that home cinema experience that you are looking for? Will their in-car entertainment solutions be delivered within a reasonable delivery period? And what kind of customer service can you expect from their staff is you want to ask them a question or have them solve a complaint? The best people to answer these questions for you are the customers that have shopped at Auna before you. Read their reviews to find out what their experience with this company is. Their opinions, comments and ratings can help you to understand what you might encounter while shopping at Auna.

    About Auna

    Auna is a company that offers audio equipment. The company was founded in 2007. The founders were a few young developers. They wanted to democratise the world of sound. Their focus is on sound design, latest technological advances and the best price. In their shops, they display radios such as retro radios, DAB radios, kitchen radios, internet radios, cabinet radios and more. So whether you want an old-fashioned radio that reminds you of the tunes from your youth or an internet radio that plays the latest pop songs, Auna might have what you are looking for. They also offer some home audio equipment such as karaoke systems, mini HiFi systems, cassette players, ghetto blasters, record players and vintage stereo players. Their HiFi speakers category contains sunwoofers, portable PA systems, Bluetooth speakers, wireless speakers, bookshelf speakers, 5,1 speakers, soundbars, soundbases, floor standing speakers and more. You can modify the sound with one of their amplifiers, receivers or headphones. If you want to produce sound yourself, you can make use of one of their wireless microphones, studio microphones or megaphones. For your car, they offer special car sound systems and other car equipment. And they offer multimedia & accessories such as LED projectors, cables, supports, mounts, action cams, adapters and monitors.

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    Services of Auna

    You can order Auna’s audio equipment online. Just visit their website, select any product and have their delivery service send the item right to your doorstep. Auna also has a customer service that can be contacted if you need any help.

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    Do you already listen to music with music equipment from Auna? If you do so, we would like to hear what you have to say about this audio equipment provider. What kind of sound do their radios produce? Do their amplifiers and stereo equipment help you to hear the sound more clearly? Did you have to wait long for your HiFi Equipment to be delivered? And what kind of customer service does this audio shop provide for its customers? Tell us everything via a customer review.

    What kind of sound will the audio equipment from Auna produce? Read customer reviews about their radios, stereos, record players, speakers and more.

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    Terrible!! Zero communication about my missing order!

    I ordered a stereo for a Christmas gift 8 days ago. The web site states 3-5 business days for delivery. The payment went through and money taken from our account.
    I have tried all contact details on the site and get answering machines for both nunbers. I have sent e mails and been ignored for days!!! VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!! I almost bought another stereo in the shops today but as they won't get back to me and advise if I can cancel or not, I am in between a rock and a hard place with what to do. I am afraid they won't give me a refund and I'll end up with 2 stereos.
    One answer machine states they are "having a training day" ON CHRISTMAS EVE???? Seems absurd. The fact the wont even acknowledge of reply to their customers is ridiculous. I've checked the status of my order and it still hasn't even been dispatched after 8 days.
    Terrible. This has left us furious and my parents without a Christmas present from us.
    I'm wondering if this site is even geniune or a scam. We did lots of research and it seemed legitimate but I'm worried now I've just lost hundreds of pounds. I would stear well clear of this site. Use someone reliable. These guys are useless!!

    By: Jodie Williams 24-12-2018
    Would buy here again

    Great Collection

    One steareo set MC 20DAB micro system booked on 18 August and delivered on 21 August.
    Packing was quite good,look wize very nice
    Sound is key factor .
    Bass and woofer is nice. Yes cost is same as other shop.
    I can rate it 8 out of 10.

    By: Jacob 27-08-2018
    Would buy here again

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