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It’s important for construction workers and contractors to know the work is done by qualified workers that know what they are doing and have received the required training for the job. That means every construction worker will need a CSCS card, Without it, you won’t even be allowed onto sight. Even visitors to the site need a CSCS card. But where can you get such a card? One of the companies that offer them is Construction Helpline. But how will they work? How easy or difficult will it be to get a card via this helpline? And what kind of customer service can you expect from them? These questions can only be answered by customers that have already gotten a CSCS card via Construction Helpline. Read their reviews, filled with their experiences, opinions, comments, remarks and ratings, to find out how Construction Helpline works and if they present the best way to get a CSCS card or not.

About Construction Helpline

Construction Helpline is a company that offers CSCS cards. A CSCS card is needed for everyone who wishes to enter a construction site. The card is needed because construction sites can be a dangerous place to be for people that don’t know what they are doing. It’s purely a necessary safety measure to keep people from getting injured on site. The CSCS card displays your knowledge and expertise in construction work so other people can easily see who you are, what you will be doing at the construction site and what they can expect from you in terms of skills, experience, expertise and knowledge. Construction Helpline wants to help you to get your own CSCS card. They claim to have the experience and skills to enable you to gain a CSCS card. They offer tests that will qualify you for a CSCS card. Examples of these tests are health, safety & environmental test, CITB test, NVQ training courses etc. They also offer revision material that can help you to revise subjects you have once learned about.

These are the kind of things they want to avoid.

Services of Construction Helpline

You can apply for a CSCS card via Construction Helpline ‘s website. You can apply via their website. But you can also give them a call and they will help you to find the best course or CSCS card according to your level of expertise. Construction Helpline has a multi-lingual staff, so you won’t have to think about all these difficult building terms in another language. After all, they are hard enough to understand as it is.

Complaints, Compliments and Tips for Construction Helpline

Have you already gotten your own CSCS card via Construction Helpline? If that’s so, we would like to know what your experience with this company was like. How easy was it to get a CSCS card via their website? How educational were their courses and training programs? Were they relevant to your work at a construction site? And what kind of customer service does Construction Helpline provide? Write your own customer review and inform us and potential customers of how things at Construction Helpline really work.

Can you get your CSCS card via Construction Helpline? Read customer reviews about their their courses, training programs and more.

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Good one

It will help in saving lots of money above that the help you get is from people who really know about the work. so try it and see how it can be good for you

By: Veer28-07-2018
Would buy here again

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