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    A paid or incentivized survey is a kind of statistical survey that rewards participants/members for their time and effort in taking part in the survey. From a business perspective, companies always need to try to pre-determine or guess customer responses to particular business decisions. For example, the level of utility derived from a particular product or service, how to improve an existing product or service, the best way to package a product or service, demographic characteristics of customers, opinions about pricing policy, the possibility of entering new markets and improving market share and many others. Obtaining answers to questions like the ones cited above are of paramount interest to many business organizations because it can help them achieve higher ROIs (returns on investments). One of the ways to achieve this is through market research where the participants are sometimes paid or rewarded in other ways. This research may be conducted directly by the company or outsourced to third parties. The intuition behind offering rewards may be to encourage loyalty, obedience, and enthusiasm on the part of respondents. Companies then aggregate respondents’ opinions/insights and analyze them critically to arrive at customer-friendly and profit-maximizing business decisions. LoopsterPanel is a forum that is involved in paid surveys and other methods of market research. For independent customer reviews on LoopsterPanel from existing customers, read on.

    About LoopsterPanel
    LoopsterPanel is a survey portal based in Hamburg Germany. It is focused on market research or studies. It was established in 2017 and is operated by Dirk and Laura Bohnhoff. LoopsterPanel claims that all information provided by panel members are subjected to strict official legal rules. The panel belongs to Cint, a Sweden based international sample exchange platform. Hence, Cint is the technical operator of the surveys conducted by LoopsterPanel and its other clients which include field service providers and market research institutes. LoopsterPanel can presently be accessed in eight countries. They are Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Spain.

    Products and services of LoopsterPanel
    LoopsterPanel conducts mostly online surveys. It also uses telephone interviews, participation in moderated forums/blogs as well as product tests and test purchases. Intending members are required to undergo free registration after which they activate their accounts through their email addresses. To help determine who gets involved in what surveys and other inquiries, members are required to fill their profile pages with details demanded by LoopsterPanel. The more details a member provides, the brighter the chances of lending opportunities. Members are then monetarily rewarded on the conclusion of each survey. The reward is dependent on the type and length of the survey as well as the participant profile. Payments are made via Paypal though participants can alternatively request to be rewarded with Amazon vouchers. Surveys can be accessed on PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. LoopsterPanel also has a downloadable app that is compatible with the above-mentioned devices.

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