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    Dietary supplements are substances that people take in order to add nutrients to their food/diet and/or to reduce the risk of developing health concerns such as osteoporosis or arthritis. These supplements are produced and packaged in various forms of egg pills, tablets, powders, gel tablets/capsules, liquid syrups, and others. Nutrients that can be found in dietary supplements include vitamins, fibre, minerals, herbs, amino acids, and fatty acids. Dietary supplements can also be made up of substances that have not been verified as being essential to life but are promoted because they possess some beneficial biological effect. Pigments or polyphenols are good examples of such biologically useful substances. Dietary supplements can also contain animal materials, for example, collagen from fish or chicken. Sometimes, certain ingredients from dietary supplements are added to foods and drinks. You do not need an expert prescription before purchasing supplements. In the US and Canada, dietary supplements are classified and regulated as food components. The European Commission has also evolved policies that help to guarantee safety in the production and packaging of dietary supplements. The dietary supplement industry was valued at $37 billion as of 2015. About half of the adult population in the US are users of dietary supplements and there are presently over 50,000 dietary supplement products in the US market alone with multivitamins ranking as the most widely used. The United States Institutes of Health have stated that certain dietary supplements may be of value to those who do not have access to balanced diets. One company that is into dietary supplements is Cytoplan Ltd. For impartial customer reviews about Cytoplan from existing clients, continue reading.

    About Cytoplan
    Cytoplan is a science-based supplement company that asserts to supply the needs of health care professionals and their clients. It was founded in 1990 and is based in Worcestershire, UK. Cytoplan claims that its founders are practitioners with many years of experience in nutrition science who work closely with doctors and scientists to manufacture its products which are then packaged with environment-friendly paper material (rather than polythene) and that its emphasis is on quality, innovation, and efficacy of its products.

    Products and services of Cytoplan
    Cytoplan has categorized its products into new products, amino acids, dental nutrients, digestive support products, vitamins, pre and probiotics, multivitamins and minerals, essential fatty acids, minerals, and other sundry products. It also provides different forms of nutritional advice to adults and younger people. Purchased products can be shipped both within the UK and internationally. Intending product returnees can do so within 14 days of receiving the product.

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    Cytoplan is mainly active in the Diet & Health category, more specifically with Vitamins & Supplements.

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