Bioethanol fireplace: A great innovation?

Bioethanol fireplace: A great innovation?



Have you ever heard of a bioethanol fireplace? With time we’ve become more aware and interested in our home environment. We’ve also become more conscious about the environment, and it’s hard to get past the question of the environment and environmental changes. The notion of choosing eco-friendly products has increased tremendously in recent years, and with a Bioethanol-fireplace, you will not only get a cosy feeling and atmosphere in your home. You’ll also get an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional wood-burning stoves. It, therefore, makes great sense to choose an eco-friendly bio ethanol fire for your home. 


An eco-friendly fireplace 
The bioethanol fireplace has taken the market with full speed – and to be honest, for a good reason. Ethanol fireplaces are both smart and easy to handle. A bio ethanol fireplace burns on bioethanol fuel, which is produced mainly from organic materials such as potatoes, corn, and sugar cane. This means that during burning only CO2, heat, and evaporated water are emitted. Unlike a classic wood burning stove, a bio ethanol fire requires neither a chimney nor a flue. And the great thing is that you can install the biofuel fireplace virtually anywhere you want, and enjoy the flames from the ethanol fire right away! Does it get much easier than that? If you have an old wood-burning stove but want an eco-friendlier alternative, it is also possible to easily convert an old woodburning stove into a bioethanol fire – just place the bioethanol burner inside the existing stove, and you can enjoy your eco-friendly ethanol fireplace without the hassle of cleaning and maintaining the bioethanol fire! 


Bioethanol Fireplaces  
Bioethanol fireplaces come in a wide range of sizes, designs, shapes, and colours. They are available as a wall mounted fireplace, ceiling mounted models, as well as freestanding bio ethanol fireplaces. Bio ethanol fires do not require much – basically, they only need the bioethanol fuel to burn – that’s it! Because bio ethanol fires do not need a chimney or vent, you can place the biofire to suit your preferences. If you opt for a built-in bioethanol fireplace, it offers you a wide range of possibilities in terms of installation. There are many ways to construct these – they can, for example, be made with a 1-sided design, where the flames can be enjoyed from one angle. Another very popular and frequently seen solution is to build the fireplace into a fireplace TV wall with a TV above the fireplace. By doing so, it’s possible to choose almost exactly the bio fireplace you want for your fireplace wall ideas with TV. It’s important to say that a bioethanol fire does not radiate heat the same way a traditional stove does. However, a bioethanol fire will increase the room temperature by a few degrees while also adding a cosy feeling to the room.  


Electric Fireplace 
You can also opt for an electric fireplace. An electric fireplace does not run on bioethanol fuel, but electricity. These fireplaces also come in a wide variety. You can choose a built-in electric fireplace, a wall mounted electric fireplace or a freestanding model. The only thing the fireplace needs is electricity! There is no need for a chimney and the electric fireplace is very low maintenance. Another advantage of electric fireplaces is that they can be used as both a source of heat but also as a decorative statement in your home.  


Opti-Myst Water Vapour Fireplaces – have you ever seen water burn? 
Another great solution is an Opti-Myst Water Vapour Fireplace. These fireplaces are also called a hybrid fireplace is powered by water and electricity. The flames appear incredibly authentic, and a hybrid fireplace helps maintain a good indoor climate as only evaporated water is emitted when turned on. Water Vapour Fireplaces also come as both wall mounted fireplaces, freestanding, and built-in. These fireplaces are easily installed, so the only thing to really take into consideration is that it needs an electric supply.  


Bioethanol Fireplace and Safety Precautions  
There are a few safety precautions that need to be taken into consideration before operating a bioethanol fireplace. Since the flames are real fire, it’s important to be careful. One of the most important things to consider when installing a bioethanol fire is the safety distance between the bioethanol fire and other objects and furniture. However, if you use your common sense, it is perfectly safe to install, and use, a bio ethanol fireplace in your home.  


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