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    In 1963, the idea of ‘electronic cigarette’ was filed by Herbert Gilbert of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, USA. He didn’t receive his patent until 1965, however, and could not achieve commercial success because of the times. Nevertheless, there are undeniable similarities between his patent and the electronic cigarette that became commercially successful, developed by Hon Lik about four decades later. Gilbert’s products had some challenges that made his product flop. First was the use of water as the carrier, but unfortunately, nicotine is not water-soluble. Strike one. Strike two against the product was that the main battery technologies at the time were carbon-zinc batteries that had very poor energy density and high internal resistance and wet lead acid which was heavy and not pocket-friendly, therefore his device could never have been made portable. The third factor that worked against Gilbert’s device was that at the time, the commercial success of a patent depended on big corporations agreeing to manufacture it under an agreement, and the tobacco companies of the time were not interested in a product that could serve as a replacement for cigarettes. Consequently, Gilbert’s idea, although patented and could have worked with further research and adjustments, did not see the light of success. Even so, his patent served as a benchmark for the future development of the product. Hon Lik’s commercial success could be attributed to the advancements in battery technology that produced miniature batteries, the commercialization process starting with small enterprises because of how simple the technology was and how easy it was to invest in, and the internet which opened up the market for e-cigs and made it easy for the small enterprises to reach their consumers directly. Irrespective of the success of the e-cig, there are some concerns to its use as regards toxic build-up and lung health. But most of its users insist that the nicotine of itself is not unhealthy, it burning the tobacco that releases the toxins, and vaping gives the option of getting nicotine directly without tobacco. The different flavours of e-liquids available also add to the allure of vaping. Vapoholic is a company that claims to cater to the vaping needs of its customers. For honest reviews of Vapoholic, please read on.

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    Vapoholic is an online store that provides its own range of e-liquids for the vaping community. The store is based in Manchester, United Kingdom. The company also provides vaping hardware for customers, as well as a wide range of flavours of shortfalls all made in the UK and delivered to the different parts and regions of the world.

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    The store offers different flavours and strengths of e-liquids like Berry, Candy, Dessert, Fruit, Ice Cold and Grape E-liquid options to choose from. Electronic cigarette and vaping hardware are also available, as well as Nicotine shots and salts and CBD e-liquids.

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    Vapoholic is mainly active in the General category, more specifically with E-smoking & Vaping.

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