Verified Companies

Beyond reading reviews, confirming the legitimacy and safety of a company is paramount for BritainReviews in assisting users to effortlessly identify trustworthy businesses for online purchases.

Receiving this mark signifies that the company has furnished us with its business details, which we have authenticated. This includes direct communication with the business representatives and verifying its status as a lawful and legitimate entity providing genuine services to its clients. While we ascertain the legitimacy, the quality of the service or product remains for users to determine through their reviews and feedback.

How to Verify a Business with Us?

To verify your brand or online store, you can reach out to us via our support page. Generally, the information required will include:

 1. Identity Card
 2. Domain name and ownership (The name and surname must match the ID card)
 3. Chamber of Commerce Registration Number
 4. Visible contact information on your online platform

Does Not Having a Verified Business Affect the Score?

No, our scoring system solely reflects the reviews and experiences shared by users about the businesses on our platform. The Verified label serves as a testament to your commitment to transparency, though it is not compulsory. However, we highly recommend it if you aim to cultivate greater trust with both prospective and existing customers who leave reviews about your products or services.

Why Verify Your Company with Us?

Besides the advantages of transparency and reliability, there are several compelling reasons to verify your company on our platform:

 - Quick and Simple Process: Once you contact us and provide the necessary details, we verify the information, and if everything checks out, we promptly award the Verified label.

 - Enhances Business Credibility: Compared to those without the label, verification can attract more users who read reviews about your brand.

 - Promotes Ethical Practices: With online shopping often fraught with risks, showing your dedication to customer security through verification ensures a more confident and worry-free shopping experience.

Remember, verifying your company with BritainReviews transcends simply meeting a standard; it is about establishing a benchmark for safety, transparency, and trust within the online market.