Verified Companies

In addition to the reviews, verifying whether a company is real and safe is one of the most important methods that BritainReviews uses to help users to more easily recognise which businesses are safe to buy from online.

For a company to have this mark means that they have provided us with their business details and we have confirmed them. This means that we have spoken to those responsible for the business and checked that it is indeed a legal and legitimate business that offers a real service to its users. Whether this service or product is good or not we leave it up to our users to decide through their opinions and comments. 

How to Verify a Business with us?

If you want to verify your brand or online shop you can contact us through our support page. Mostly the information we will require will be:

 1. Identity Card
 2. Domain name and ownership (The name and surname must match the ID card)
 3. Chamber of Commerce Identification Number
 4. Visible contacts in your online business

Does not having a Verified business affect the score?

No, the score we use is based exclusively on the reviews and experiences that users write about the businesses and companies published on our review platform. Having the Verified label is a commitment to the transparency of your data to your customers. Therefore, although it is not a mandatory requirement, it is the one we recommend the most if you are looking to have a greater affinity with your potential customers or those who have already tried your product and leave a review.

Why verify your company with us?

In addition to our recommendation with transparency and reliability there are other points why verifying your company on our platform can be of great interest to you and your business.

 - It is very easy and quick: Once you contact us and provide us with the data, if everything is correct, we will check it and we will directly put the label of Verified. 

 - It gives more seriousness to your business: If we compare it with those who do not have the label, having the verification is an attraction for many users who read opinions about your brand.

 - It's the right thing to do: Nowadays shopping online is not always safe. Demonstrating your commitment to your customers with verification makes online shopping more satisfying and relaxing.

Remember, verifying your company with BritainReviews isn't just about meeting a standard; it's about setting one for safety, transparency, and trust in the online marketplace.