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    Cashflow and management of money within a business is integral to any comapny functioning properly and succeeding in the long-term. It is however, also quite an inconvenience to the entire process of running a business and can get in the way of the actual work that companies want to engage in. From staff salaries, travel and expenses (T&E) for resources that staff need to work with to paying rent, mortgage or other fees directly related to the office building including utility bills; substantial work is needed to manage and document the movemet of all this money. The documentation is crucial when it comes to taxation and being audited, but also to ensure there is no illicit behaviour from people within the company, embezzeling money from the company for example. Paying someone to take care of this process is costly in itself, however, which is why the rise of financial technology (fintech) is fostering companies such as Pleo that are trying to simplify the process for businesses. If you're looking to use Pleo, read on to find out more about their company card and accounting services, and then hear from previous customers in reviews and honest feedback they leave.

    About Pleo
    Pleo was founded in the year 2015 by Jeppe Rindom & Niccolo Perra. The company was founded to help organizations that are willing to commit the new age of technology aiding business and finance. The founders utilized their experiences as Chief Financial Officers, managers and employees to create vision for the app. They observed that expense reports and employee purchasing are far too disconnected and inconvenient. Employees are disempowered and a serious mess is created for those in charge of the company finances. They subsequently established the company to put in all their effort towards solving this problem. They claim that their app helps employees to focus on professional qualities while the app words behind the scene to ensure financial processes and purchases are clear and smooth.

    Products of Pleo
    Pleo's product is a app that aids organizations to have more control over all their spendings. One selling point for the brand is the quick onboarding to their service. The primary feature is the use of company cards, that can be distributed to all employees, depending on your subscription tier, and spending easily tracked. Each person can have their own spending limits, and the app in their phone reminds them to take of a photo of the reciept the moment they make the purchase, to save time. This spending is then easily viewed in a dashboard with each purchase assigned to a category, and statistics about the behaviou of each spending category. They also boast of great customer support, and frequently introduce new features, such as Fetch, which uses AI to search for receipts in your G-email automatically.

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    There are currently 0 customer review posted about Pleo. On average, they received a star-grading of 10/10, with 100% of the reviewers indicating that they would buy from the brand again.

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    Pleo is mainly active in the Credits & Loans category, more specifically with Credit Cards & Debit Cards, Mortgages.

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