This is why you should read fashion reviews online before buying

This is why you should read fashion reviews online before buying
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Although some garments are timeless and wardrobe staples, if you think back on fashion and the various trends that have appeared over the decades, you can see how the trends, designs and multiple styles have transformed the way the public understands the concept of fashion. Hence it is beneficial to read online shopping fashion reviews and other people’s experiences with fashion and the overall industry to appreciate the styles and fashion trends you see today. In addition to looking at websites for fashion reviews, consider platforms like BritainReviews to find those reviews.

Reviews and experience in the fashion industry are important; here's why

Fashion is ever-changing, and if you look at fashion by the decade, it is evident that fashion trends have grown and become more casual and relaxed. It is furthermore interesting to see how certain fashion styles or items are making a comeback after how many years. Both mens fashion and women's fashion have come a long way since the 1950s. If you even look at kids' fashion and what they used to wear 30 or 40 years ago, it is completely different and more relaxed. Designer fashion items are popular because people are focused on wearing brand-labelled items, partly because today's world focuses more on appearance.

The fashion industry and the changes throughout the era are partly because of fashion enthusiasm and icons like Kate Moss, Vivienne Westwood and Victoria Beckham. Kate Moss became a cultural icon as a British fashion model, and her natural look changed the fashion industry in the 90s. Vivienne Westwood was a famous designer who became well-known for the provocative clothing she designed. Lastly, Victoria Beckham is a British singer and designer who starred in television shows. She later released her range of clothing and accessories. Those who grew up in the fashion industry or who were exposed to it had a keen eye looking for what fashion trends would become popular and ultimately what the men and women wanted; thus, these three ladies were able to make a big impact in the fashion industry. Nowadays, one can follow designers on social media platforms and learn more about fashion trends. Alternatively, reading some online shopping reviews will expose one to various trends.

London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week is an iconic clothing trade show in London twice a year. Over 250 designers showcase their garments to retailers, influencers, and people travelling worldwide. Some designers include C Jean, L Saha, and Susan Fang.

The other fashion weeks:

Fashion week is part of the Big Four in New York, Milan, and Paris. The Paris Fashion Week happens twice yearly at different venues throughout the city. The Milan Fashion Week occurs semi-annually. Finally, the last event where designers can show their designs is at the New York Fashion Week. It occurs in February and September in Manhattan. The event lasts 7-9 days, and international fashion collections are displayed to the press, buyers, buyers and other well-known people.

Fashion by the decades

Fashion is ever-changing, so looking back through the decades and appreciating where the fashion trends started is important. Who knows what the year 2500 holds in the Fashion Industry?

1920s Fashion

During the 1920s, men wore tuxedos, silk shirts, pinstriped suits, black patent leather shoes, and always carried a handkerchief. The women would wear day dresses made of silk, chiffon or satin. Lace-up boots or lace-up oxfords became very popular. The iconic flapper dress was big in this era.

1950s Fashion

Jive dancing and casual wear started becoming popular in the 1950s. Velvet collar jackets, white shirts, colourful socks, straight-styled trousers and suede creeper shoes were worn by many. Film stars like Marlon Brando and James Dean helped make jeans, white shirts, and the leather jacket combination become popular.

60s Fashion

As one entered the 1960s, the style changed even more. Polka dot printed fabrics, chain belts, puffed sleeves, medallion necklaces, peace signs and moccasins were fashionable. During this period, with frayed bell-bottomed jeans and headbands, Jesus styled both men and women wearing sandals and tie-dyed shirts.

70s Fashion

During the 70s, the fashion style started being known as the hippie style. The bell-bottom pants, frayed jeans, and tie-dyed shirts remained popular. Peasant blouses, maxi dresses and midi skirts were introduced. Along with this were choker necklaces, scarves and jewellery made from wood, stone and feathers.

80s Fashion

Spandex, leggings, legwarmers and leotards were popular in the 80s. Jane Fonda helped popularise these fashion choices, and in the 80s majority of the population had become fitness fanatics. The fashion could lead to the introduction of spandex shapewear for women. The punk top, baggy sweaters, and graphic t-shirts trended along with this.

90s Fashion

During the 1990s, acid-wash jeans, tube tops, capri pants, and scrunchies became popular. If one wanted to be popular and show they followed trends, then crimped hair would be the go-to hairstyle.

Y2K Fashion

Y2k started coming around in about 1997 and included fashion choices like lowrise jeans, sparkles on clothing items, graphic t-shirts, velvet and denim. Paris Hilton and Britney Spears were two fashion icons that incorporated the y2k fashion style during this period.

2000s Fashion

All these fashion choices bring us to today's ones. Today's style is known as a global mash-up incorporating trends from all over the world, and garments from the past are making a comeback. In addition, vintage styles, ethnic clothing and other subcultures are introducing clothing items that are becoming more accepted and popular as time passes.

What is fast fashion?

Fast fashion refers to cheap and trendy clothing. First, those on the catwalk inspire the designs; then, they are mass-produced so companies can sell them cheaply in bulk. Fast fashion combines three main components: being cheap, trendy and disposable. The garments are not designed to last long as timeless wardrobe staples, and consumers will make impulse purchases when they see these garments. Later, when new, updated clothing is introduced, they will update their wardrobe again.

Some of the best Fast Fashion brands:

Shein is currently one of the fastest-growing online fast-fashion retailers. The main supply chain is in Guangzhou, and the company has a network of over 3000 suppliers. The brand describes itself as an international fast-fashion e-commerce platform with products ranging from women's wear, children's clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, homeware and more.

Boohoo fashion group began in 2006 and sold items from seven main brands such as boohoo, BoohooMAN, PrettyLittleThing, Nasty Gal, MissPap, Karen Millen and Coast. It is a British online fast fashion retailer for people aged 16 to 30.

Best Fashion Brands

Club L London

Club L London provides women with trendy going-out fashion garments. So if you want evening or occasion wear, Club L London has them. In addition, one can read Club L London reviews to learn more about the brand and garments they offer.

Club L London Sizing

One of the most difficult things when purchasing items online is choosing the correct size garment. Reading Club London reviews, looking at the size guide provided online and reading the most common FAQs will help ensure you select the right size garment.

My Bag

My Bag provides consumers with various bag designs like shoulder, tote, clutch, backpacks, and belt bags. Apart from a range of bags, you can find many outfit accessories at MyBag UK. If you read MyBag reviews, you will see the various designers like Marc Jacobs who have their items showcased at My Bag. reviews will emphasise the variety of products, quality, and more to answer all your questions and leave you without asking if is MyBag legit.

Ego Shoes

Ego Shoes specialises in women's shoes, clothing and other accessories. It is important to read Ego reviews to learn more about their products, their quality, and what the company stands for.

Ego Shoes Reviews

When you read some reviews about Ego Shoes, you will learn more about the different boots, heels, flats and slippers they offer. Learning from other people's experiences is important to pass on the message is Ego Shoes legit and a good company.

Zee & Co

Zee & Co offer a variety of designer clothes and accessories incorporating some of the latest design trends. What better way to learn more about the items they offer than by reading Zee and Co reviews to answer the question, is Zee and Co legit? Watch out for fit, fabric, quality and sizing when reading the Zee & Co reviews.

M and M

The brand M and M offers clothing, accessories and footwear for men, women and children. If you want to learn more, reading MandM Direct reviews will help you learn about their different products. In addition, when reading the M and M Direct reviews, you will know more about the other brands like Levis, Puma, Bench and Brave Soul offered by the company. Whether you read some MandM Direct reviews on the website or an alternative reviews platform, it is important to gather information before deciding what to purchase.

Boux Avenue

Boux Avenue reviews will inform customers about the different lingerie nightwear, swimwear and gift items they specialise in. If you want to learn more about the fabrics, quality and sizing, read Boux Avenue reviews on varioUS-Reviews platforms.

Tru Diamonds

If you are looking for jewellery, you should visit Tru Diamonds. The founders developed the brand in Great Britain, and Tru Diamonds reviews reiterate the variety of products offered, such as rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and more. If you are looking for a statement piece, reading a Tru Diamonds review will let you learn about the products through other people's experiences. Tru-Diamonds reviews focus on the metal used, durability and quality. Lastly, read some holiday and celebration reviews to find the perfect gift.

Boohoo Fashion

Boohoo fashion brand offers men and women various trendy clothing. Women have many stores they can shop at and a wide range of garments to choose from, whereas men usually have more limited clothes.

Boohoo man

A man Boohoo section is offered, where one can find Boohoo man jeans and a Boohoo man tracksuit, amongst other products. Reading reviews about the products offered, Boohoo man returns, and Boohoo share price will help one decide whether to purchase from the company.


Giglio UK is an online luxury fashion boutique providing items for men, women and kids. Reading some Giglio reviews is a great way to learn about the brand's style and products so you can identify whether the products are Giglio real or fake. You can read about the 500 luxury fashion brands and products in a Giglio review.


Stradivarius UK provides a range of clothing and accessories designed in Spain and then distributed to their stores.


Before purchasing from the company, looking at reviews and learning about Stradivarius sizing of their clothes is important. For example, does Stradivarius run small, or is Stradivarius good quality?


Tradeinn is another well-known European online platform offering a variety of fashion, lifestyle and sports products. The main company is based in Spain. Before supporting the brand, consider reading a Tradeinn review or a few Tradeinn reviews to learn more about its products. reviews or other Trade Inn reviews on various online review platforms will help you choose a product best suited for you and not leave you asking is TradeInn legit.

Lavish Alice

Lavish Alice is a contemporary international label offering women a variety of smart clothing, from jumpsuits and blazers to going-out dresses. When looking at Lavish Alice reviews, you should learn more about the Lavish Alice returns policy and how long the company takes to process a Lavish Alice return. Remember that the Lavish Alice returns policy may differ in different countries, so when looking at Lavish Alice UK returns, learn from other people's experiences.

Reviews in Other Sectors

Remember, reviews are very important because they help guide you when deciding what to purchase. For example, electronic reviews will help you understand the different products, specifications, and features. Making it useful to compare the various items before purchasing one. In the same way, cosmetics and personal care reviews will help you choose the best product to suit your skin type and ensure you select a product that shows effective results because you will avoid purchasing a product with negative reviews. Lastly, consider homeware reviews to learn more about finding that perfect home decor item, whether a vase, painting, clock or something else. Read about how others found the product and the company service to decide whether or not to support the brand.

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