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    Transferring money is not as easy as it seems, especially if you want to send some money abroad. Most companies charge fees, rooor simply give you a very bad exchange rate and pocket the rest. It's generally best to shop around rather than simply trust just any currency transfer provider. Maybe TransferWise is one company that can be trusted. But how easy will it be to send money abroad via their website? Will they send your money safe and sound to the account of the recipient or will they lose it somewhere in the process? And if that happens, will there be a TransferWise customer service department to assist you whenever you need some help? Only people who have already transferred money via TransferWise can tell you a bit more about this money transfer provider and their services. Read their reviews to get an idea of what transferring money via TransferWise really means. Their ratings, experiences, comments and opinions will let you know if TransferWise might be your best money transfer option.

    About TransferWise
    TransferWise is a company that offers money transfer services, that is part of the generation of FinTech companies upsetting this niche industry. The company was founded by Taavet Hinrikus and Kristo Kaarman. They believe that sending money abroad is often deceptively expensive. This deception comes from the fact that there are hidden charges that all of us are forced to pay. The claims of “free money transfers and “0% commission” might sound like money is already flowing freely, but that’s not always the case. TransferWise wants to change that. Of course, you can’t change the fact that there is no global currency, but you can make transfers easier and cheaper. Therefore, they welcome you to “ money without borders”. According to TransferWise, companies should be honest about the real exchange rate. Via TransferWise’s website, you can send money to any other country. Maybe you have some relatives living in Australia or some friends in the USA that you would like to send some money to. TransferWise makes it possible for a cheap price.

    The TransferWise borderless account.

    Services of TransferWise
    You can use TransferWise’s website to send money abroad to any country of your choice. You can enter the amount of money that you want to send. Select your own currency for that purpose. Also, select the currency of the recipient. TransferWise will show you exactly how much the recipient will receive. They also have a TransferWise debit Mastercard that you can use to send money around the world. This debit card offers low conversion fees and zero transaction fees. If you need some assistance, the customer service of TransferWise is always willing to help you out.

    Complaints, Compliments and Tips for TransferWise
    Have you ever tried to send money via TransferWise? If so, you are the perfect person to tell us more about your experience with this money transfer provider. How easy was it to send money abroad via their website and service? Did the money end up at the designated account? Were they really as cheap as they claim? And in what way could TransferWise’s customer service assist you when you asked for help? Please add a review and tell us whatever you want to share about TransferWise.

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    A trusted name

    Mendis 22-10-2018

    Digital worlds is very useful these days. Transfer of money to any other countries was not so convenient before . I am a regular user of Transferwise services. No issue so far, no extra charges as we pay to banks and some agencies.
    A trusted service, Though I have limited transfer to some selected countries but I believe they are equally working fantastic .

    Would buy here again

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