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    Unfortunately, the world isn’t safe and there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Luckily, there are lots of insurance companies that offer covers for all kinds of accidents and incidents so you won’t have to worry about the financial side of the problem. But which insurance company should you choose? One of the companies that offers various insurance policies is Questor Insurance. But what kind of covers do they offer? Will they really pay when you make a claim? And will there be a customer service that is willing to help you when you have some kind of problem or complaint? These are all matters that you can best hear from people that are already insured at Questor Insurance or have made use of their policies in the past. Read their reviews, opinions and experiences to see for yourself if Questor Insurance sounds like the right insurance company for you or not.

    About Questor Insurance
    Questor Insurance is an insurance company. They offer, for instance, policies that cover you when you hire a rental vehicle. Examples of these policies are motor home hire excess insurance, car club excess insurance, minibus hire excess insurance, car hire excess insurance and more. They also offer motor excess policies like commercial motor excess protection insurance, private motor excess protection insurance, young drivers excess protection insurance and motor fleet excess insurance. For travel insurance, they work together with BrokeSure for all kinds of travel insurance policies, including one for pre-existing medical conditions. But Questor Insurance also offers travel extras like car hire, airport parking, airport hotels, resort transfers, airport lounges and airport hotels with parking. And they are working on a gadget insurance policy that enables you to insure all your expensive gadgets and devices under one insurance policy. This policy is coming soon.

    Soon, Questor Insurance will also offer gadget insurance..

    Services of Questor Insurance
    You can get a quote by filling in some personal details in their online form. This quote will show you what a certain insurance policy is going to cost you in your situation. If you would like some more information first, you can contact their customer service department. You can reach them via telephone, but you can also choose to send them an email. This customer service department can also answer any questions you might have or help you solve a problem.

    Complaints, Compliments and Tips for Questor Insurance
    Is your holiday, trip, car hire or personal vehicle already covered by Questor Insurance? Then we would like to know how this policy worked out for you. Which incidents and accidents are included in their cover? Did they really pay when you made a claim, or did they hide behind some small print? Was their quote honest, or did they hide some hidden costs? And what is their customer service really like? Are they friendly and helpful enough? Please add your own customer review and let us and everyone else know what you think about this insurance company.

    What cover do the policies of Questor Insurance provide? Read about their vehicle excess protection policies, travel poiicies, gadget insurance & more

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