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    Infrared heaters are a relatively modern technology that has gained massive popularity in a short period. When the infrared heater is switched on, the infrared rays are released from the heater and then travel through the air until they hit any object within their reach. The radiation is absorbed by the object and causes its molecules to vibrate and produce heat from within. When the waves come in contact with a person, they travel inside the body and give a feeling of warmth. Radiation is often mistaken for being harmful, but not all radiation is dangerous to life. Infrared radiation is entirely safe and is indeed beneficial for life. Most conventional heating systems used in homes use a radiator that heats the air inside the home and keeps it warm. These radiators work by releasing convection currents along with small amounts of infrared radiation. The sequence of convection heating is quite simple. When the radiator is turned on, the air around it warms up, expanding and moving upwards. It then creates a vacuum which pulls the colder air from above and brings it closer to the radiator. This cold air is then heated again and rises. The process repeats itself continuously and keeps the room warm. There are different types of infrared heaters available in the market, but the ones that are often recommended are electric infrared panels. These panels require no integration with any fuel storage or pipelines and are quite easy to install. Thanks to innovation, you can now blend your infrared panels into your interior decor in the most personalised way possible – by printing your custom images on them and mounting them onto your wall. Maybe you have had some professional family photos done? Have it on your wall as a framed picture – that doubles up as a heater too. Amazing right? Add a truly premium feature to your interior design with the simply show-stopping glass infrared heating panel. There are also Mirrored Infrared Heating Panels; What this means is that you can have refreshing heat that feels like you are standing outside on a summer’s day, whilst making sure you look good before you head out for that party, or for having one last check before you leave your home. There are also Bar Heaters, Thermostat, White IR Panels, Image IR Panels and lots more. If you have been considering purchasing infrared panels for your home but still wondering which store to check out; you could try Surya Heating. However, you should read through reviews about Surya Heating before patronizing them.

    About Surya Heating
    Surya IR Heating Systems (Surya Heating) was established to be a specialist retailer in Infrared heating technology based in the outskirts of Leicester City Centre. The company claims to supply both the public and trade customers throughout the United Kingdom, with top of the range Infrared Heating panels. Furthermore, each order placed follows an effective process: Premium products without the premium pricing, with free delivery and first-rate customer service.

    Products of Surya Heating
    Their products include mirror IR panels, custom IR panels, white IR panels, image IR panels, bar heaters, Thermostats, and accessories

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    Surya Heating is mainly active in the Online Shop category, more specifically with Electronics.

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