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    Do you have a dog you’ve been craving to keep healthy with the most nutritious food out there? Now, what do you think when you hear about dog food? Dog food is specifically produced with related canines. Dogs are seen with omnivorous and carnivores bias. They have the pointed and sharp gastrointestinal tracts of carnivorous animals. Dogs evolved the ability to live with humans mostly in agricultural societies as they feed on scrap leftovers from the people they lived with. Dogs have managed to survive on the meat and non-meat leftovers or scrap of human existence and also thrive on different varieties of food. According to recent research adopted by Vet in the United States, dogs’ ability to digest carbohydrate effectively may be a key difference between dogs and wolves. In the United States, the dog food market is expected to reach an average of $23.3billion by 2021. Prior to being reared at home, this animal fended for themselves and survived on a carnivorous food. After seeing the companionship, care and security people began to domesticate them. It was not until the mid-1800s that the world saw its first food made specifically for dogs. A resident in the United States concocted the first dog treat. While living in London before heading over to the United States he saw dogs around eating scraps of discarded biscuits. Shortly after moving to the US, he concocted his first dog food made of vegetables, meat and wheat meals. By 1890, full production had begun in the United States. Also, canned horse meat was launched after the end of World War 1 as a means to dispose of the excess horses no longer needed after the war. It is to this end that Different Dog alleges to focus on offering different types of dog food. We, however, suggest you read honest customer reviews of Different Dog here before considering investing in any of their products and services.

    About Different Dog
    Different Dog is an online retail platform that deals in health, exercise and nutrient of dogs. The company asserts to be the first dog food manufacturing company to produce different recipes each week by hand, with fresh natural ingredients. Different Dog claims its food is cooked by hand, loved by vets and full of nutrients. They assert to have experts as personnel attendants that help dog owners and prospects choose wisely.

    Products and services of Different Dogs
    Some of Different Dog foods include Pheasant stew, lamb hotpot, comforting chicken and catch of the day. The company asserts its pheasant stew is rich and succulent with red cabbage and butternut squash. The company offer delivery services. Clients can subscribe to their newsletter to be kept abreast of their products and services.

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