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    Verisure Smart Alarms are easily the best home alarm systems in the UK and in the whole of Europe. The fact that they cater to over 3 million customers on the continent is a testament to this. Verisure produces alarm services that you can install in your home or office. The increasing rate of criminal activities all around the world and in Europe has made it imperative to invest as much as possible in security to avoid scenarios where you are attacked or robbed in your home or office. This is where Verisure security systems come in as their services could go a long way to protect you by alerting you and security agencies to any attempt to burgle into your home while you are not at home or while you are inside the house.

    What do you want to know about Verisure?

    The history of Verisure could be traced back to more than 30 years ago when Securitas Direct was established. Verisure alarm systems currently employ over 16,000 people and operate in 15 different countries in Europe with plans to continue to spread. The 16 countries include the United Kingdom, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Italy, Portugal, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Spain. Their history has featured significant successes in the protection of homes and small businesses since 1989. By 1995, they started to spread to other European countries and by 2007, they started catering to more than 1 million clients in different parts of the world. By 2008, Securitas Direct named Verisure to be the name of its branch that caters to consumers. In 2008, Verisure ventured into South America with the establishment of their first branch outside Europe in Chile. In 2011, Verisure was acquired by Hellman & Friendman and Bain Capital. By 2015, they were catering to 1.8 million customers, which earned them a leadership position in the alarm sector of Europe. In the same 2015, Hellman & Friedman purchased the shares of Bain Capital in Verisure, thus, making Hellman & Friedman the major shareholder of Verisure smart alarms. In 2016, their customer base great to 2 million further strengthening their place as leaders in the alarm sector of Europe. In 2018, the researches at Verisure led to the development of ZeroVision Alarm. This alarm is reputed to be the only alarm currently available that can stop a burglary. As opposed to making them feel relaxed, these successes and achievements only continue to spur them to do more to satisfy the needs of their customer through continuous technological development and innovation.

    Verisure burglar alarm systems products

    The products of Verisure burglar alarm systems are divided into 2 major types: the home alarm systems and the business alarm systems. Thus, you can easily have your home, your office, your factory and/or your warehouse protected by their products among others. Their alarm control panel, PIR motion sensor, smart key reader, door & window alarms, perimeter security systems and panic alarms come in handy to achieve this. The door and window alarms, when activated, automatically alert you when anybody tries to access your house from your window or door. The PIR motion sensor also informs you of any movement around the vicinity it is installed. The smart key reader and perimeter security systems make sure only those authorized can access your premises.

    Verisure Business Alarm Systems

    : The Verisure Business Alarm Systems helps to protect your business premises from burglars and even your staffs through their Verisure alarms for commerce, Verisure alarms for offices, Verisure alarms for warehouses, Verisure alarms for shops and Verisure alarms for business. The reputation of Verisure and the successes of their products easily serves as a deterrent to discourage burglars and dishonest staffs from stealing or carrying out other activities that could harm your firm within your establishment. Just putting up a warning that your business premises is secured by Verisure is enough to deter criminals. However, the effectiveness of Verisure Business Alarm Systems goes beyond that. Their business alarm systems provide you with images, videos and sounds of what is going on in your company. Thus, you can easily know when your staffs enter the business premises and when they leave. The voices and images also help you to know what is going on at your office through the Verisure Mobile App. When you notice something fishy, you could easily use the SOS button to inform security personnel who will be sure to act swiftly to check out the situation. You could also control who can access and not access the business premises at a particular time by activating and deactivating smart alarm keys or particular doors.

    Verisure Home Alarm Systems

    : With over 3 million customers, including big corporations and organizations, you can be sure that you will be getting more than adequate security should you decide to use Verisure alarms for Sheds, Verisure Alarms for Detached Houses, Verisure Alarms for Garages, Verisure Alarms for Apartments, Verisure Alarms for Villas and Verisure Alarm for Flats. How to use a Verisure alarm? You might have some other questions such as how to set Verisure alarm, who are Verisure and how to activate Verisure alarm. Verisure is an intruder alarm company reputed to be the best home alarm systems UK. Their services are available in all of Europe, parts of South America and expanding to other parts of the world. They offer home security and business security with their intruder alarm systems. Verisure reviews have also been very positive due to the quality and effectiveness of Verisure UK business and home security systems. Setting up a Verisure alarm is usually carried out by their professional staffs after you have reached a deal with them. Activating the alarm after it has been set up is as easy as opening the app and clicking buttons.

    Verisure alarm services

    Verisure services offered by the alarm company include

    • A fire alarm that alerts you of a prospective fire incident in your home or office upon detecting smoke.
    • Access control alarm to ensure only authorized people go in and out of your home or business premises.
    • Exterior security to protect your home and office when you are within or outside the premises.
    • Web-based control with the Verisure App that allows you to control your alarm as well as call for help when the need arises.
    • Verisure Guarantee that your monthly fee covers every expense including repairs and replacement of parts so that you do not have to be scared of sudden charges.
    • Guard response that automatically dispatches guards to your house when they suspect your premises is being broken into.
    • 24-Hour Alarm Receiving Centre that will immediately react to an alarm that is triggered by Verisure products installed in your house or office.

    Benefits of having an alarm system (business and private)

    With Verisure alarm system for your business and private premises, you do not have to bother much about thieves as they would most often be caught or chased away before they are able to carry out their intentions. In very rare cases where they are able to, the information from the Verisure security system will be enough to find them within the shortest time and recover everything they took.

    Verisure Alarm system prices

    The products and services of Verisure Intruder Alarm system are very affordable. Furthermore, they regularly provider offers for their customers that could include as much as 50 per cent discount. You can request a quote from their website today.

    How to receive a quote from Verisure Alarm systems

    To receive a quote from Verisure, all you have to do is visit their website, and click on the Ask for a Quote button on their website. You will be expected to fill in some details such as if you want to protect a home or business as well as the type of security you want and you will get a quote almost instantly.

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