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Sara Queen
I wasn't much into refurbished phones because just like other people, I have a set of mind with these kind of phones, thought they will be typical ' second-hand' phones, used could be directly impl...Read on
Sent two high spec phones to be sold based on value they offered online. They quickly came back advising offers given significantly reduced due to non specific case expansion that "could"...Read on
Very poor service. Had an issiue with galaxy s9plus. Went to samsung store and they said phone has been fixed with non genuine parts (from china). Make it hard to get a refund and fix any problems....Read on

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    Would buy here again

    Trustworthy spot for premium quality refurbished phones

    I wasn't much into refurbished phones because just like other people, I have a set of mind with these kind of phones, thought they will be typical ' second-hand' phones, used could be directly implying of looking bad, not very well working and all.
    All mindset go blank when I explored some of refurbished products offered by I need a mobile, especially of those phones whom I am looking forward to.
    They are quite known in the market, I got a new phone, not much costly but still one of the best phones out there in last 2 years, with again great reselling value.
    It is almost new, sometime nobody can tell the difference.
    so I recommend atleast try once, don't judge

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    Would buy here again



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    Would buy here again



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    Would buy here again

    Sale of two phones

    Sent two high spec phones to be sold based on value they offered online. They quickly came back advising offers given significantly reduced due to non specific case expansion that "could" indicate battery damage. Phones were in as new condition when sent with photos and video taken of condition. Feel this may reflect a dishonest way of doing business and would not recommend.

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    Would buy here again

    galaxy s9 plus

    Very poor service. Had an issiue with galaxy s9plus. Went to samsung store and they said phone has been fixed with non genuine parts (from china). Make it hard to get a refund and fix any problems. Stay away and purchase elsewhere. As the phone wont last long. Customer service team aint been very helpful(some are, most aint), had a rude attitude in fact. Nothing positive to say

    Hope u go bankrupt

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I Need A Mobile

Mobile phones are a fixed part of modern society. But where can you find the best mobile devices? One company that sells them is I Need A Mobile. But what quality handhelds will this mobile phone shop provide? Will you be given the same warranty that a manufacturer gives you? Won’t you take a risk buying a refurbished phone? Will the device not contain personal details of the previous owner? Will it take long for the customer service of I Need A Mobile to send you your phone? And what will their customer service say if you run into some problems with your refurbished Apple device? The only people to tell you about these matters are the customers that already work with a device from I Need A Mobile. Read their reviews to investigate if this shop might be an option for you. Their opinions, comments, ratings and experiences can help you to find out more about I Need A Mobile.

About I Need A Mobile
I Need A Mobile is a company that offers refurbished mobile phones. The company was founded in 2010 and started out as just a small mobile phone recycling company. Now, they even call themselves a “global distributer” of these second-hand mobile phones. The company’s founder is Kasim Javed. Their main office can be found in the UK. They work with various global partners in the mobile phone industry. They purchase stock from all over the world. They bring this stock to their warehouse. Each product will be tested and/or refurbished before it is offered on their website or sold at one of their retail shops. In their shop, you can find all sorts of Apple mobile phone devices such as the iPhone s6, iPhone 8 Plus, iPad Air, iPhone SE, iPad Mini, iPhone X, iPad 3, iPhone 7 Plus and more.

Services of I Need A Mobile
You can order a mobile phone or iPhone via their website. Just select the device that you want and put it in your digital shopping basket. I Need A Mobile´s delivery service will send the item right to your home. Of course, they also welcome you to one of their retail shops. Besides selling refurbished phones, I Need A Mobile also offers repair services. So if something is wrong with your device, chances are I Need A Mobile can fix it. If any problem or question arises, you can contact the customer service of I Need A Mobile.

Complaints, Compliments and Tips for I Need A Mobile
Are you one of those people that already works with a refurbished iPhone or iPad from I Need A Mobile? If that’s so, you are the perfect person to tell us more about this mobile phone company. What do you think of the quality of their mobile phones? Can you easily work with their iPad 2 or 3? Can you notice the device has been used before? Did it take long for I Need A Mobile’s delivery service to send you your iPhone? And what is there to say about I Need A Mobile’s customer service? Please add a review and tell us everything about this mobile phone provider. And feel free to read other reviews of similar mobile phone webshops

Refurbished phones are pre-owned phones that have been re-manufactured and placed back in the marketplace. Today, endless questions and arguments are digging into the subject of purchasing refurbished cell phones, are there any benefit or advantage? Are they as cost-effective or saving as you might have been told? With several big-time phone sellers gradually moving towards the refurbishment way, customers need to get in-depth knowledge and understanding of the benefits and likely consequences associated with buying a refurbished cell phone. Can these phones work like brand new ones? The gospel truth is that everybody wants to know more about the devices they intend to buy with their hard-earned money in. Will the product offer the best value for money? At the thought of refurbishing, used phones are usually taken back to the manufacturer or renovation shop, accordingly fixed. In line with this, the cell phone should be able to work as if it was a new one. Nevertheless, the levels at which it will work may differ depending on the person that refurbished it, how well the person refurbished it, as well as the reasons the phone was refurbished. But how will you know the condition of the used phone you intend buying? How will you stay away from stolen phones? How about watching out for fake phones? Where can you buy a used phone? You might want to visit I Need A Mobile. But will it cost you an arm and a leg if you consider buying from them? Will their experts help you examine the usability of the ports and accessories? Will they also help you execute a service code test? Before considering buying any phone from I Need A Mobile, first read reviews from people that have already purchased from their store in the past. 

About I Need A Mobile
Headquartered in Rochdale, Lancashire, I Need A Mobile is a privately held UK based company that specializes in offering used apple iPhones, graded mobile phones, second-hand phones, refurbished smartphones, and iPads. The company claims to have been supplying hundreds of thousands of clients with in-house tested devices ever since she was instituted in 2010. I Need A Mobile supply retail shops, virtual retailers, dealers and exporters in Europe.

I Need A Mobile: A UK Online Retail Store for Second-Hand Mobile Phones.

Products and services of I Need A Mobile
Aside from offering second-hand and refurbished phones and accessories from such brands as HTC, Huawei, Mac and Samsung amongst others, I Need A Mobile also offer such services as iPad repairs and iPhone repairs. They also offer apple watches. You can subscribe to their newsletter for promos and newest offers. You can order for their products via their website, and also reach their personnel attendants via the phone number or email address provided on their website.

Compliments, complaints and tips for I Need A Mobile
What do you have to tell us about the different products and services offered by I Need A Mobile? Your thoughts, opinions, and experiences are important, as it will help potential customers make a well-informed decision. If you're looking for new phone models you can also head over to Mobile Phones Direct reviews or other phone companies reviews on our site. 

Key points to consider when choosing a telecom provider

There are currently so many companies offering telecom services and so many marketing techniques to catch hold of new customers, which makes it harder to see through the many offers and decide which provider to choose. The most relevant thing to keep in mind is that the provider should be a company that aligns best with your needs. Here are three basic qualities to look for when choosing a service provider:

Network reliability - check that the network is a fully converged one with a consolidated infrastructure that includes IP, Ethernet and optical technologies. Network convergence includes the coexistence of video, voice and data communication. Also, security and stability is a main concern, so always check that the network has all the needed protection to prevent service attacks, that it has the ability to restore their services fast with minimum or no impact to your activity and that the systems are constantly updated to offer the latest technology so it avoids performance issues and won’t stall the growth of your business. 

Offers and support -  check what products and services are provided by the company that best suit your needs. Telecom providers should offer a good amount of customization and options for their products and services that adapt to your specific needs. Some of us need more data, some need more voice, some need faster internet, etc. Make sure you are choosing the best option depending on your activity and that these options also don’t come with unnecessary burdens of services and expenses that you aren’t interested in. 

Customer support - make sure they have quality customer support. There are so many occasions in which a client doesn’t get offered the best products or the assistance they need just because the company doesn’t consider the importance of keeping their clients happy and helping them when in need. Customer support should be effective, treat you with respect and have communication skills. This is essential to make sure your experience with your provider turns out to be a positive one. 

Considering these main points should help you decide the right telecom provider for your home or business. Another great way to help you decide your network provider is to read customer reviews about these companies. Here are some telecom services that you may want to look into: