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    If you need your car every day to get to work, bring your children to school, do grocery shopping and more, you will want to have said car well insured. But what kind of insurance company or insurance policy should you use? There are so many that it can be quite difficult to find out which company and policy offer the best cover for the best price. Not to mention the small print and vague terms and conditions that can make the aftermath of an accident or incident even more unpleasant than the situation already is. Aviva Car insurance is one of the many insurance companies that offer car insurance. But are they really good? How do you avoid that your policy turns out to be insufficient at a time when you really need them to come through? And how do you check whether Aviva really does cover a certain situation? Maybe other customers that have already taken out an insurance policy at Aviva can help you with that. Read their customer reviews, experiences and opinions to find out whether you can safely take out an insurance company at Aviva or not.

    About Aviva Car Insurance

    Aviva is an insurance company that gives out car insurance policies and other kinds of insurance policies. They started out in 2000 as CGNU plc, but it was later changed to Aviva. They are the largest insurance company in the UK and one of the leading providers of life and general insurance in Europe, but they also do business in Asia. They have 31 million customers in 16 different countries. The headquarter of the company is situated in London. Their strength is to combine several insurance policies in one policy.

    Aviva Extreme driving challange. Do not try at home

    Services of Aviva Car insurance

    Aviva gives out Car insurances and many other insurance policies. Their car insurance gives you an extensive cover. They also offer optional no claim protection, so you will not lose your no claim discount when you make a claim. Speaking about the claims can be said that they can be made at any time, because there are open 24/7, 365 days a year. They also offer a free app that can monitor your driving. You can contact them by the contact information that can be found on the website. There is separate contact information for their car insurance.

    Complaints, Compliments and Tips for Aviva Car Insurance

    If you have a comment, complaint or other remark, you can easily leave a complaint on their website. Often they respond to the reviews that are left by people. But if you want more people to know, you can also leave a customer review here on BritainReviews. How much did Aviva pay after you made a claim? Do they offer good customer service? Are there any traps and small print that customers have to watch out for? Does the premium cover what they pay after an accident? Help other people to decide whether Aviva is the right insurance company for them sharing your experience, opinions and rating.

    What is the general opinion about Aviva Car Insurance? Read customer reviews about claims, payment, policies, premiums and more

    Aviva Car Insurance
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    AVIVA a horror story. STAY AWAY.

    For anyone that has auto insurance from Aviva Canada I strongly suggest you find a new provider and for anyone who is contemplating using them for insurance to stay well clear of them.
    They are a horror story and only want your money and will find any excuse to avoid payouts.
    Here is my horror story.
    I have had them for over 10 years as my auto insurance provider and dutifully paid the premiums on time, every time, even when I heard others had cheaper premiums with other companies.
    Stupid me.
    On July 2018 I was involved in an auto collision. The other driver was at fault and was charged with careless driving by the police officer. It was my bad luck that he also had Aviva insurance. I reported the accident in same day. Aviva quickly wrote off the vehicle, even though the damage did not seem that extensive, and low balled me on the payout. Less than half of what I paid 2 years prior. I argued that I had done some major repair work on it 6 months prior and should be at least partially compensated for that as well. According to Aviva that is apparently where I committed a sin. It seems we cannot question been ripped off by them. After 1 months of no definitive answers from them, in frustration I cancelled my multiple auto and property policies with Aviva. They lost a total of $6,600 annual premiums because of their unprofessional approach. And really for a mere $12,000 claim. That appeared to have been my second mistake. I believe that they thought it was now payback for cancelling my policies.
    They took over 6 months to make a case that the work was not done as detailed in the receipts I provided. They put me through a phone and an in-person interrogation (the gestapo could not have done a better job). The end result was that they declined my claim including the car rental I used for 1 week after the accident. While it may be true that the auto shop cheated me on the work done in the bills they should have simply declined the receipts and maintained their original offer, low as it was. Talk about adding salt to a wound.
    I have now retained a lawyer and proceeding with legal action against Aviva.
    Stay away from this scam of a company.

    By: Frank07-03-2019

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    Would buy here again

    Depends on the deals one looking for,rest car insurance have good plans

    Just got them , last week.. I was planning to secure my car by insurance. They quoted me about some of their plans.
    SAW Some great deals however didn' t work for me, but I think Aviva is great option to try. It depends on how their insuarnce plans suit one. It's just they are trusted ones so I save my time to look around.

    By: Sylvia 13-07-2017
    Would buy here again

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