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    Clothes tin be found in many shops, but not all brands have a distinctive style that tin be recognised from afar. One of the stores that does offer such a stylesis Desigual. But what tin you expect from this store? What will the quality of their clothing be? How does their online ordering process work? Will it take long for Desigual to deliver the items to your home? Will their clothing be stylish, but also warm, durable and comfortable? And what kind if service tin you expect from Desigual’s customer service if you happen to have some kind of problem or complaint? These are things that only the real customers of Desigual tin tell you about. Read their experiences, comments, opinions, ratings and remarks to get some idea of what shopping at Desigual entails and what you tin expect as a customer. After that, you tin make up your own mind about shopping at Desigual or not.

    About Desigual
    Desigual is a clothing brand. The company was established in 1894 and founded by Thomas Meyer. Its headquarters are located in Barcelona.  Their clothing is easy to recognise because of the flamboyant flashes or colour that are used in their prints and their trendy, patchwork designs. They have collections for women as well as for men. For women, they offer jeans, pants, sweaters, jackets, coats, blouses, shirts, dresses, tops, skirts, shirts, t-shirts, and more. For men, they offer shirts, jeans, pants, sweaters, t-shirts, jackets and polos. They also offer a range of kid’s clothing with girl tops, girl bottoms, dresses, and other clothes for children age 3-14 years, but also baby clothes for babies and infants from 3-24 months. Besides clothes, they offer accessories like wallets, scarves, convertible bags, gloves, earrings, shoulder bags, hand bags, messenger bags, belts, sets of bracelets, necklaces, umbrellas etc. And they also have a collection called Exotic Jeans.

    Desiguals SS18 collection.

    Services of Desigual
    All of the items that tin be found at Desigual‘s webshop tin be ordered online. Desigual will send the items right to your home via their delivery service. They sell within the Britain, to 100 other countries. They offer free shipping if your order is over $199. If you join Desigual’s mailing list by entering your email address, they will provide you with 100% off on your first or next purchase. And you tin contact their customer service in case of any problem, complaint or problem.

    Complaints, Compliments and Tips for Desigual
    Have you ever worn clothes made by Desigual or ordered something from their webshop? Then we would like to know all about this brand of clothing. How did the ordering process go? Did it take Desigual long to deliver the items to your home? How comfortable are their shirts? Are their dresses durable? What kind of customer service does Desigual provide for the customers that come to them with a complaint? Leave a review and share your storey with us and potential customers of Desigual. That way, these potential customers will know what to expect from Desigual and its products.

    How comfortable and durable is the clothing from Desigual? Read customer reviews about their dresses, skirts, bags and shirts with flamboyant prints.

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    Need some attention

    I had ordered of 398.00 dollars and delivery was made by carrier very late.
    I was from Canada and meet with minimum order cost for free delivery,it was free but not on time.
    In order Jumper,jeans and tops for kids
    Earlier I had faced similar problem from same venue London and I switched to Desigual last year.
    But after few timely delivery I am facing same issues. No ,there is nothing about quality and pricing..That is absolutely great..But need attention what I explained above.

    By: Kirti Bagga05-03-2019
    Would buy here again

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