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    Do you like to play tennis? Then, you’ll want a proper tennis outfit, a good racket and comfortable, sturdy tennis shoes. But where can you find them? One company that offers tennis attire is Smashinn. But what quality tennis shirts will they offer? Will their rackets be durable enough to survive many tennis matches? Will their shoes be comfortable even if you have to play the third set? Will it take long for the delivery service of Smashinn to send you your nutrition or reel strings And what kind of customer service can you expect from this shop if you ask for their help or assistance? The only people that can tell you more about these matters are the customers that have shopped at Smashinn before. Read their honest and unbiased customer reviews to investigate if Smashinn is your tennis or ping pong shop. Their opinions, experiences, ratings and more can help you to find out if you feel comfortable while shopping at Smashinn.

    About Smashinn
    Smashinn is a shop that sells tennis and ping pong gear. They are, just like Swiminn, Goalinn, Diveinn, Runnerinn, Snowinn and some other sports shops, part of Tradeinn. At Smashinn, you can find everything for tennis, badminton, beach tennis and ping pong. There are, for example, tennis tackets such as professional tennis rackets, power tennis rackets, control tennis rackets and junior tennis rackets. So whether you focus on power, technique or both, Smashinn will have a racket available for you. They also offer specialised rackets for squash, ping pong, padel, badminton and frontennis. There is also a category of overgrips because we all know they need to be replaced sometimes if you want to have a grip on your racket. And they provide single strings and reel strings because these too lose their grip after a while. Of course, there are also sports clothes for men, women and children. There are, for example, jackets, hoodies, t-shirts, dresses, pants, polo shirts, tracksuits, tights, neckwear, headwear, underwear, towels, socks, skirts, arm warmers etc. In Smashinn’s electronics section, you can find action cameras, wearable, electrosimulation accessories and more. And they even offer a range of sports nutrition such as proteins, energy bars, articulations, recuperators, gels, carbohydrates and isotonics. And they also sell multiple table tennis tables. And their balls category sells balls and shuttlecocks for every kind of racket-based sport.

    How to master three basis tennis strokes.

    Services of Smashinn
    All of the supplies from Smashinn can be ordered via their website. Smashinn has its own delivery service which sends the items on their way to your home. There is also a Smashinn customer service department to help you whenever you ask for it.

    Complaints, Compliments and Tips for Smashinn
    Have you ever used any of Smashinn’s products during a tennis training or tennis match? If you have, we would like to hear more about your experience with this shop. How comfortable are Smashinn’s clothes, really? Do their tennis shoes provide enough support on lawn, grass and/or smashcourt?  And what kind of delivery service and customer service can you expect from this shop? Please write your own review and tell us what you really think about this tennis, badminton, squash and table tennis shop.

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    Quality products

    Excellent ..
    I am a tennis player since 2003 , using Head brand.
    My junior (son) now playing good ,and so I have purchased a branded racket from Head Graphene 360 Extreme,dynamic 16/19 string pattern, help in extra spin. Grip is solid ,price is little higher side.
    But my junior is very happy.

    By: Joel10-04-2019
    Would buy here again

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