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    If you don’t use your mobile phone as often as most people do, you have no need for restrictive bundles. But where can you find a mobile phone service for low and medium phone users? One company that wants to provide low-cost calls is 1pMobile. But what will their service really be like? Will they provide the same quality as other mobile phone companies? Will there be no hidden fees? How easy will it be to subscribe to 1pMobile via their website? And will 1pMobile;s customer service help you when a problem occurs or you or another customer has a question? The best people to talk to you about these matters are the customers that have subscribed to 1pMobile before. Read their reviews to learn what 1pMobile is all about. Their ratings, opinions, experiences and comments can help you to investigate if 1pMobile is your kind of mobile phone provider or not.


    1pMobile is a company that offers mobile phone services. Their main office can be found in Hampshire. In contrast to other mobile phone companies that offer restrictive bundles which can lead to many additional charges, 1pMobile aims at low and medium mobile phone users. Their service is convenient if you mainly use your mobile phone to call or text someone every once in a while. They offer a tariff of 1p a minute, hence the name of the company. This fee is charged for all calls to UK mobiles and landlines. The same 1p a text fee goes for texts. Their mobile data, too, is 1p per MB. The same fee is charged for access to your voicemail. Because of this construction, you will never pay for what you don’t need or never use. That way, you are in charge of how much money you spend and not your phone company. At 1pMobile, you are in control. There are few examples of services that cost a bit more. You can find them on your website. And they offer free calls to 150 to get your balance.

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    You can order a SIM card via their website. First, they need to know if you have a 4G phone. If you don´t have such a device, they will send you either a 3G or 2G card. Then, you will need to enter a few personal details. It´s possible to keep your own number. They will send the SIM to the address entered by you. If you need some help, 1pMobile will try their best to solve your problem.

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    Do you already call or text with a SIM from 1pMobile? Then we would like to know what your experience with this company was like. How easy was it to order a SIM via 1pMobile’s website? Are you satisfied with the mobile phone reception they offer? Are they honest about any additional costs? And hoe friendly is 1pMobile customer service? Please write your own review and tell us more about 1pMobile.

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    My mother dont really use phone. mostly her work is to call someone at very rare case. So there was no point to waste money on services. My brother told me to use this one and the services are really affordable.

    By: Zain09-07-2018
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