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Alex Mehroke
Booked through Airport Parking Global services. MeetandGreet Manchester sent an email with the Booking Ref blank. (no problem if there's no problem) We set off and called the reception mobile nu...Read on

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    Would buy here again

    2week parking

    Booked through Airport Parking Global services.
    MeetandGreet Manchester sent an email with the Booking Ref blank. (no problem if there's no problem)
    We set off and called the reception mobile number 30mins before arrival as instructed: no answer
    Got to 10 mins away and managed to get someone on the phone they said the drive was 10mins away. We proceed to call back every 10 mins after the driver is a no show.
    They stop answering the phone. A driver shows up 40 mins late, no uniform or any proof, but we have to rush to get a covid test. Nearly miss the flight.

    Get back and call them to say we've landed and we're 30mins away they say they're sending the driver. Get to the carpark in 40mins and no one there. Call the company they say they'll send the driver now and claim they never said they already sent her.
    The car arrives 15mins later filthy and damaged, big scratch across the back bumper.

    The driver is very apologetic and helps me get the owners number, Mitch. I proceed to talk to him later in the day where he says I can bring my car back to Manchester where his garage will fix. I ask for the garage info, the job info and the timeframe. He tried to call later but I had already gone to bed. I said we can talk Monday, he agrees and says "I'll call at 4"
    I call him at 4.10 after no contact then text him: no response and then wait a few days to see if he'll call. I call him twice and his office once on Friday and he calls me back. I refused to drive back to Manchester and leave my car again, he demands I go to my garage and get him a quote before he does anything I tell him I can give him the company info and he can call and talk to them and agree to pay. He refuses and shouts it's his garage or I go get a quote or nothing. I tell him he should be apologising for the awful service and agree to get the quote and state I want a refund.
    I then return to Airport Parking Global Services to leave a review and find I cant.
    I ask the chat assistant for help who asks for my booking number (nope) I send him a screenshot of my email with all my info and no booking and he blanks the chat.

    Shoddy Company.

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Global Airport Parking Services

Humans travel from one place to another, whether it's within their homes, going to the place of work, going around the city or town or another city, and also from one country to another. No one is static, that's why things always change, and wherever we plan to go, there's always a reason for it. If we're going for a business trip or on a tour to another place that's different from where we stay, we might probably need to board a plane to get to our destination on time. So if we're making use of an aeroplane then we would have to go to the airport, whether in our car or we ask someone to take us there. If we're making use of our car, then there will be a need for us to keep our luggage and properties in safe places, including our cars. Most people find it difficult to park their cars anywhere because of the dangerous things some people do such as stealing the things they have inside the car or probably stealing the car itself. And one of the germane problems people also worry about is the hassle of parking cars when it comes to parking cars, it's sometimes stressful and annoying, sometimes it's not easy to find a space where you can easily park your car because everywhere is already jam-packed. To make things easier, it's better to seek the service of firms who have made it their job to remove the trouble we all go through at the airport, whether when trying to park our cars or trying to safeguard our properties, or thinking of how to make it in time to the terminal. Global Airplane Parking Services is one of the companies that offer parking services but not directly from them. You might be curious to know more about the company, so we advise you to read honest customer reviews of Global Airport Parking Services here before visiting their website. 

About Global Airport Parking Services
Global Airplane Parking Services is a company that provides parking services but only act as a booking agent for the services provider offering their products on the company's website. The company, therefore, claims that they do not provide the car parking services itself. They offer different airport parking services and recommend different companies who they think can fulfil the customers need. 

Products and services of Global Airport Parking
The companies Global Airport Parking Services offer to customers includes Park and Ride, Meet & Greet, Onsite Parking, the Onsite parking are that parking which are within the airport premises. Customers are to book on the type of service they want from any of the products offered by their website. 

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