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    Renting a car is not always easy. You have to conform to many condition and take a good look at all the small print because an accident can happen before you know it. Normal insurance companies don’t always pay and it might cost you way more than you thought in advance. There are many exceptions like damage to the windows or roof. And what damage can be attributed to the user and what damage can’t? The costs per mile too can differ significantly. And why is it that so many comparison sites offer cars at a much cheaper price than the car rental company itself? There must be something fishy about that, right? And a comparable car, what does than entail? We made an overview of all car rental companies and car lease companies. Other customers share their experiences with renting or leasing a car in or out of the UK. That way, you know what you have to look out for, how you can profit from special offers and what you can expect in case of an accident.