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    Whether it is a birthday, wedding or some other celebration coming up: as a guest, of course you’ll want to give a nice present. By giving a nice present you don’t only make the other happy. You also place yourself in a good light if the receiver likes your present. Presents come in all shapes and sizes and there are lots of companies and shops that sell nice presents. Are you curious to know what present is the best present to buy? We made an overview of all he companies that sell presents and gifts. Read reviews, opinions, experiences and complaints to find out the best shop or online store to buy your gift.

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    Nothing is better than to receive a gift. Or is giving even better? Well… something can be said for both. But if giving is better, than what do you give? Especially when you don’t know someone very well, it’s often hard to know what one really wants? In that case, a gift coupon might be a good idea. It’s not very original, but it’s always useful. It increases the choice of the receiver significantly. Of course you can go for a general gift coupon. But you can also be a bit more specific with a coupon from a garden shop, cd/dvd shop or a book shop. That way, the receiver can choose his or her present from a particular (online) shop. And than there are also companies that jump into a demand by having a special theme, like for instance a magazine coupon, an outing coupon or an experience coupon. And how is the company’s customer service? Do they do as they promise? We made an overview of all the (online) shops that offer a gift coupon. Customers share their opinions and reviews of these companies, so you will know which one to choose or to avoid.