Bicycle insurance

    It can happen to anyone: you lock your bike, go inside for just a minute, and still, before you know it, your bike is gone! Reason enough to take out an insurance. But does an insurance against theft also cover other situations like, for instance, damage or an accident? Which company is considered the best? And is this company really as good as it claims to be? Which insurance company is cheap and also covers enough? We made an overview of all the companies that offer bike insurance policies. Fellow clients whose bike has been stolen or damaged elaborate on their hands-on experiences, opinions and complaints, so you will be able to choose the right bike insurance policy for your situation. Any experience of your own to add? Feel free to leave a review yourself!

    More info about Bicycle insurance companies

    De bicycle is a popular means of transport in our country. Many people use the bike every day, but don’t think about taking out a good bicycle insurance. The car, motor and caravan are insured, but the bike is left behind without an insurance. Do you also want to be protected from high costs if your bicycle is stolen? Than you can take out a bicycle insurance to let your insurance company pay in case of damage or robbery. In the following paragraphs you can read why a bicycle insurance is a good idea.

    The merits of a good bicycle insurance
    A bicycle insurance covers the damage that you get to deal with when your bike gets stolen or damaged. Especially if you use your bike every day the chance of stealing or damaging is significant. To prevent you from having to pay for the costs of having your bike repaired or replaced, you can take out a bicycle insurance.

    Taking out a bicycle insurance is especially interesting for people that bought a brand new bike for a large price. By insuring the bike you avoid losing a lot of money if you have your bike repaired after damage or having to purchasing a new bike after the expensive vehicle has been stolen. If you have an older or cheaper bike, a bicycle insurance is often not as interesting. The amount you get when your bike is stolen or damages is too small to make the insurance premium interesting.

    Different kind of bicycle insurances
    There are two kinds of bicycle insurances, name the decreasing insurance and the continuous bicycle insurance. These two types of insurances are described in the following paragraphs. That way you can choose what suits you best.

    The fixed bicycle insurance
    The fixed bicycle insurance is a bicycle insurance is a bicycle insurance that you take out for a fixed period. It often covers the period of three to five years after you bought your bike. After this period, the insurance policy is no longer valid. The insurance premium is not paying monthly, but only at the start of the bicycle insurance policy. The fixed bicycle insurance covers damage to your bike, but also gives your money back in case your bike gets stolen. How much money they pay in which situation is dependent on the insurance that you take out and the coverage it offers.

    The continuous bicycle insurance
    The continuous bicycle insurance had no end date. The insurance premium is charged once a month, but can also be paid per six months. In general, the continuous bicycle insurance is more interesting than an insurance with a fixed end date, simply because this insurance pays more if your bike is stolen.