Car Insurance

    Cars are the most often used means of transport. If you need your car to get to work every day, you have a big problem when your car breaks down. When that happens, you want to be helped as soon as possible and in the best way. Therefore, it is important to take out the best car insurance policy. And maybe a GAP insurance as well! But which company is the best? What do they offer in terms of policies and customer service? Determine that for yourself by reading reviews, experiences, opinions and complaints by fellow car owners that went before you.

    More info about Car Insurance companies

    At BritainReviews we like to make an overview of which experiences you have with car insurance companies. Experiences, opinions and reviews that you share with us make sure that other people make the right choice, so insurance companies in turn will have to think about the limit of their premiums and especially the customer service and cover that you can expect. What is the service that you can expect at different insurance companies? Sometimes the proffered covers are not paid because of the small print. Know what you can expect!

    A car insurance is an insurance that a car owner has to take out to at least cover the damage that (the driver of) a car causes on the road to other people or vehicles. Whether you drive a brand new car or have a car that is many years old, you will always need a car insurance. If you have a car in your name, you are obligated to take out an insurance policy for it. If if you never hit the road and your car hasn’t left your garage for many years, you will need to take out an insurance company and pay the monthly premium every month!

    There are different kinds of car insurances. To give you a clearer view of all the insurance companies that you can take out for your car, we described the different car insurance policies in the following paragraphs.

    Which kind of car insurance companies are there?

    Third Party Insurance
    This is the minimum insurance that you have to take out if you are in possession of a car. This insurance policy covers you for other peoples’ damage. If you caused an accident, your insurance company will cover the damage that you cause to someone else. It does not cover the damage that are caused to you or your own car. That you will have to pay for yourself.

    If you have a car on your name, you are obligated to have at leat a third party car insurance. If you have a third party insurance policy for your car, than all the damage that you (as a driver) cause to other people in the road in other vehicles is paid for by your insurance company. If you hit another car while parking, make a wrong estimation while gaining on someone, or knock a side mirror because you don’t pay attention, that the costs of this kind of damage is paid by your insurance company.

    The third party insurance company is mandatory in our country because this insurance prevents victims from having to pay their own damage simply because the one who caused the accident has no money to pay for the repair.

    Third party and theft insurance
    The Third Party and Theft Insurance
    The Third Party and Theft Insurance covers all damage that you cause the other party, including some damage to your own car. You can think of damage to your windows or damage caused by theft. If also covers come natural phenomena like fire, accidents with wild animals, earthquakes, damage during transport (after a break down) and burglary or joyriding.

    Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance
    Last, but not least, there is a fully comprehensive car insurance. This is the most elaborate car insurance that you don’t only take out to cover damage to other people and their property, but also to get money back from your insurance company when your own car is damaged. Taking out a fully comprehensive car insurance is of course more expensive that taking out a regular basic insurance or third party and theft insurance, so it is not an interesting car insurance for everyone. If you have a brand new car, than taking out an elaborate car insurance is advisable.

    All Risk
    The name all risk already says it: this insurance policy insures you for all risks. So you are protected from the damage that you cause someone else, but also your own damage. You are fully covered. Naturally, this insurance costs a lot more, but you have not a single risk.
    Mind: when your car is considered a total-loss, than you mostly get the value your car was worth on that day. This can be a lot less than the original value of your car. Tip: negotiating with your insurance company about the amount often works. If is not a fixed amount that is decided by the insurance company, you have a right to argue this. Often, insurance companies compromise quite a bit. For this insurance form there are different variants. One gives the guarentee that they will what your car would be worth new and the other company doesn’t.

    What is covered with all risk?
    Mind that an all risk insurance always comes with conditions. Reading through them is worth the effort. There are different variants of all risk insurance on the market. So take a good look at what is and isn’t covered. For instance, it isn’t always necessary that the package includes replacement transport of legal aid.

    No Claim
    What is a no claim discount and when are you considered for it? A no claim has to do with the number of years that you drove without damage while having a car insurance. The more years you have without damage is decided by a calculation of the insurance company. If you ‘claim’ damage
    at your insurance company, your no claim discount will disappear or lower. It can even be the case that your no claim becomes negative. This is the case when you cause multiple damages in one year. When you change to another insurance company you can take the no claim that you built with you. It is also possible to include a no claim protector in your package. One often thinks that, in that case, you are protected from all damage and that your no claim discount cannot lower. This is not the case. You are only protected at your current insurance company, That is because your damage free years have depleted. Only your current company protects you from that.