Caravan Insurance

    Every year, lots of people take their caravan and leave on a vacation. A gust of wind, a fellow driver that isn’t paying attention or children playing with a ball can all be the cause of an accident. Especially in a foreign country, you want to know what kind of help you can expect. Read therefore the reviews of fellow clients who already have experience with caravan insurance policies. Their reviews, opinions and complaints can help you compare different caravan insurance companies and their customer service. Make sure that the caravan insurance policy covered every contingency, so you won’t have to worry about that in time of need.

    More info about Caravan Insurance companies

    A caravan insurance is an insurance that you take out to cover damage that you cause with your caravan to your own vehicle or other people or their possessions while you are on the road. If you have a caravan insurance, your insurance company will pay these costs for you at least in part. It is not compulsory to take out a caravan insurance. But, if you to on holiday with your caravan every year and want to know for sure that your trip will go as smooth as possible, than it is advised to take out a caravan insurance. An accident can happen before you know it, especially if you travel with a large caravan.

    Caravan insurances come in all sorts and sizes. They can be differentiated by the risks that they cover, but also by the worth of the insurance policy and the extra cover possibilities of the insurance policy.

    The risks the caravan insurance companies cover
    First of all, caravan insurances can be differentiated by looking at the risks that the insurance policy covers. There are a couple of insurance companies that offer to cover damage caused by one specific cause. But most companies allow you to choose between a base package with a couple of risks and a more elaborate package that covers multiple risks. The risks that are covered the most are the following:


    • The risk of fire, explosion and lightning

    • The risk of a traffic accident: Do you have damage caused by bumping, overturning, getting into water of getting of the road? The insurance company covers damages caused by these situations.

    • The risk of theft: not only if your caravan had been indeed stolen, but also in case of intended burglary that left damage the insurance company covers this.

    The insured value of a caravan insurance.
    Besides the risks that an insurance company covers, caravan insurance companies can also differ by the value that they insure. When taking out an insurance you can, for instance, choose for the arrangement of day value, but you can also choose for an insurance company that pays what your caravan would be worth new. The later is only possible if you have a relatively new caravan.


    The additional covers of a caravan insurance policy

    No matter what kind of caravan insurance company you take out, you have to extend it with additional cover possibilities. Some examples are:

    • Damage by hale.

    • Damage to the content and inventory of the caravan

    • Damage to the front tent or extension of the caravan.

    • Damage by individual rental of the caravan.

    • Schade door particuliere verhuur van de caravan

    And have you stranded into a juridical conflict that has to do with your caravan directly? In that case you can cover your legal aid by your insurance company if you take out an elaborate insurance coverage that includes legal aid.