4 Ways to Increase Your Income in 2021

    4 Ways to Increase Your Income in 2021

    Sadly, money doesn’t grow on trees. Your life shouldn’t revolve around your bank balance, but how much you have in your account is significant. If the amount is too small, it’s hard to afford the basics, such as rent and groceries, and the associated stress is bad for your physical and mental health, as well.

    Increasing your income is the key, yet it isn’t always as easy as it sounds. You can’t just ask for more money from your boss and expect a handout. However, you can use the following techniques to boost your earning potential. Even better, they are effective and accessible to almost everyone.

    Rent Out a Spare Room

    A spare room could be the answer to your problems, as long as you don’t mind sharing your property with strangers. The great thing about this idea is that the room might already be sitting in your home doing nothing, which is the case for 66% of older homeowners. As a result, it’s almost total profit because it doesn’t cost you anything extra to maintain, apart from a couple of overheads. Also, there is a demand for affordable rooms due to the lack of housing for single people and couples. Combine this with the fact that you can earn £7,500 before paying tax, and it’s well worth considering.

    Invest in Commodities

    It’s tempting to view investments as big commitments, which they are most of the time. Still, this doesn’t mean it has to be massively expensive or induce a huge headache. Real estate, for instance, is only one side of the coin. There are many other commodities, including precious metals, raw agricultural goods and livestock. Commodities trading is a lucrative venture, since you can create a diverse portfolio of profitable goods to eliminate undue risk. And, much like traditional investments, they are easy to understand and manage.

    Appeal to Commuters

    There are tonnes of ways to appeal to commuters, from wrapping a car in advertising and driving around, to opening a pop-up coffee stall in a densely populated area. But by far the most straightforward option is to market a car parking space in a satellite town. The majority of employees in big cities have to take public transport because the cost of driving is extortionate. Even then, they require hassle-free parking to lower their expenses. Advertising your drive is an ideal way to make extra money, since homeowners can bag £1,539 and £1,525 per year, especially if they live in lucrative places like London and Sheffield.

    Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing lets website owners, social media influencers and bloggers make money by promoting third-party products and services. Usually, sponsorship is hard to come by, yet the right online traffic will encourage big brands to use your platform as a way to raise awareness of their brand. Amazon is a prime example of an affiliate marketing partner, but eBay and Google are potential clients too. The commission is often anywhere between 3% and 7%, so the more click-throughs you generate, the more money you will make.

    As this post highlights, there are several ways to increase your earning potential and make more money. Whether it’s starting a blog or investing, you shouldn’t be put off by the stigma. The trick is to research your options and choose the most suitable avenue for you and your family.