Staying involved in sports with a busy lifestyle

Staying involved in sports with a busy lifestyle

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There has often been an assumption over the last few years that compared to previous eras, given that working hours have generally fallen across most of the UK population since the 1970s, people now have more time available for their leisure pursuits and hobbies. However, that isn’t actually the case, according to a study of working lives undertaken in 2020.

Throughout much of Britain up until the 1970s, the majority of people often worked Monday to Friday and had weekends free to entertain themselves, with many participating in popular sports like football, cricket, and rugby. Whether actively taking part or as spectators, involvement in sports as a leisure pursuit was almost regarded as a weekend tradition. Interestingly, people these days actually have less time for their hobbies and interests.

Research by the Resolution Foundation, published in the Financial Times recently, indicates that although vocational working hours have reduced slightly overall, both men and women are spending more time on unpaid work, such as childcare or looking after elderly family members. Subsequently, this additional non-vocational work has increasingly eaten away at free time, which people might otherwise dedicate to leisure and sports.

How modern people are managing their leisure time

Over the last few decades and as modern life has become increasingly more hectic, we often find ourselves having less time for the kind of things we enjoy doing most of all. The nine-to-five lifestyle almost seems like a thing of the past, given that modern business and commerce is running twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. When many people are engaged in their work or other important tasks at home, this leaves little time for sporting entertainment.

While sports too have evolved in the digital age, with events taking place practically every day, many traditions still remain in place, such as games taking place predominantly at weekends. If you happen to work at the weekend or have other family tasks occupying your time, participation or viewing of sports often drops down the list of priorities. Nevertheless, many of us are still retain great interest, which means looking for ways to fit everything in.

For those of us who would love to participate in sports yet don’t have the time, staying fit and healthy remains an important concern. That’s why fitness gurus like Joe Wicks – aka The Body Coach – have become famous, promoting HIIT (high-intensity interval training) methods. These encourage people to make the most of just a few moments of their time, even between work or chores at home, focusing on workouts to keep themselves in good physical shape.

As for our general enjoyment of sports, it’s often the case that when our favourite teams are playing, we might be doing other things and watching the big match at the same time. This kind of multi-tasking has become increasingly common in the digital age, with technology helping us to keep in touch with sports as we do other things. That could be changing nappies and watching the football, maybe doing the ironing while keeping tabs on the rugby.

Watching and betting at the same time

Often while they’re watching live sports on the go, aside from having the streaming website open on their mobile or desktop device, many people are often backing the action via online betting websites and apps like. Some of the leading online sports bookies also offer live streams of major sporting events, which actually makes the duality of watching and betting even more convenient, without the need to navigate between browser tabs or web pages.

Live streaming has become an integral part of what 888sport offers, covering a wide variety of events. These can include high-profile events such as the WTA and ATP tennis championships, NBA basketball, plus all the latest horse racing from start to finish. Other sports with live streams added to the website and app include cricket, rugby, darts, along with ice hockey action from America and Europe.

Met with overwhelmingly positive feedback from review sites, the 888sport app is available on mobile for iOS and Android devices, either via iTunes or directly from the online bookmaker’s own website. Access to sporting streams can also work out much more cost-effective than TV subscriptions because as long as punters have funds in their account, they can watch any of the streams available on the streaming platform.

Watching events unfold live within the same app is also handy when betting on in-play markets. Likewise, live streaming sports events are also available via desktop and laptop computers, whether they’re Windows or Mac, which is just as useful for anyone multitasking from their home or office. Really, there’s no excuse to miss any live sporting action, even when people are in the middle of doing other things.

We can still make time for everything

Thanks to the abundance of technological advances in recent years, we never have to miss our daily dose of sporting fun, whatever else we might be doing. The plethora of available streaming services has enabled access to events we might otherwise have missed, allowing us to keep in touch with the sports we enjoy, whatever else we might be doing at the same time.

Juggling our time can be tricky, although, with a little thought and focus, we can still make the most of what limited leisure time remains available.

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